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Well I must say that fishing alone can be a challenge but rewarding. Thursday evening the 7th I was happy to land 2 for 4. Lost a really nice one right at the side of the boat as it went nuts from being hooked in the eye socket area on a dipsey #3 setting with a flounder pounder 150 back. The other hits came on lemon ice 75 down over 120 fow. Friday morning brought some rougher water but fishable. 2 for 2 1 fish on the same dipsey setup and the last fish on the lemon ice again and I never knew it was there till i checked the line. Anyways it was fun to strectch the line and finally catch something that takes drag and fights.

Now for the boring stuff, fished saginaw bay Saturday and Sunday limits both days and back to the ramp buy 9:30. I have one more weekend to fish the eyes and then its westbound for me from there on out.


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Good job on the fish over there and thanks for the crawlers yesterday. We were running low and needed them. Couldn't keep the sublegal's off the line. Finished with our 15 around noon and headed in.

Thanks again,


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