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Little Bay de Noc - May 19th, 2012

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As I sit and write this quick report, the wind that I wanted earlier today has finally started blowing. Today's trip was with long time client Dale DeWildt and his son Mark. We left the resort around 6 a.m. and I had hoped that the wind would start blowing like it did yesterday to get the fish active. Unfortunately for pretty much all of today's trip it was pretty calm. We still caught fish, it just wasn't fast and furious like yesterday's bite. In fact, we didn't get most of our nicer fish until the last hour of the trip when the water temp. got up over 60 degrees and lots of boat traffic left. We were trolling Walleyes Choice harnesses (http://www.walleyeschoice.com) behind bottom bouncers for most of the day. I-86, I-42, I-68, and a firetiger J&K Tackle (http://www.jandktackle.net) in-line harness took most of the hits today. We ended up with 11 nice walleyes and lost 6 others that come off on the way to the net. We've got another half day trip tomorrow and after we do some walleye fishing in the early morning we're going to try for some perch before they have to head home around noon time. Good luck from all of us in the Bay de Noc area.


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