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Need gps module

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I dont have one but if you cant find that specific cable you can just use a proper NMEA 2000 configuration which may be easier to find.

To complete a proper NMEA 2000 network you will need 2 Ts, a male and female terminator, and a backbone or drop cable. Everything needs to have the blue connectors since the blue connectors are lowrance specific and when they went to the red it conforms to NMEA standars and is the same across the board.

I know its to late for you but for others i tend to stay away from Lowrance GPS antennas when you need to replace one that goes out. They seem to be less reliable then the others and the special cables can be a pain. You can plug a garmin in there and not need any special cables or wiring and probably never have a problem again.

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Ryan thanks a bunch for your effort on this...What would be the cost of nmea2000 ? Sounds like you have a clue on the nmea2000 connections? as long as its blue ends and has male ends to plug in my sonar unit and gps cable correct? Would you also be into rigging me up one,or guiding me through it? Gary

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No problem i can help. First let me explain that the blue lowrance network is not true NMEA 2000 because it does not use the standard plugs although Lowrance mades a Blue to Red adapter where the red is a true NMEA 2000 connection

An antenna is anywhere from $150-$200 depending on where you get it from.

First what you need is a NMEA 2000 starter kit. Again does not need to be Lowrance because true NMEA 2000 is universal. A starter kit will have at least power lead, a NMEA T, a male terminator, and a female terminator. (about $50 online)

To hook into the NMEA network you will need the blue to red adapter from Lowrance ($25 online)

Then you will need a short NMEA 2000 cable to go from your adapter to your Ts. Although if you buy the Garmin starter kit it actually comes with a couple spare cables so you wont need to buy one seperately. ($60 for Garmin starter or $15 for short cable)

So all together your looking at about $250 roughly.

HEre is a picture of a proper NMEA 2000 Network. See where is says NMEA 2000 Bb, just below that are your NMEA Ts. You can see how they plug together and at each end it looks like a cap, those are called terminators. Where that one has 3 Ts you only will also have 3. One will be the same yellow wire supply power and two will go to your blue to red adapter, and three to your gps antenna.


PS if your uncomfortable with it or arent following me i can get it for you and pre assemble it that way youll just have screw down the antenna and plug it into your lowrance.

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I have an unused LGX 4000 GI bought for my LCX 525 DF. It ends up that my old one works after all. It is past the time for a return. PM me and I will make you a deal.

Ryan, thanks for an informative post.

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