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Left the launch at 6:30 and motored to 250 fow. Takes awhile in an 18 footer w/ a 60 hp! :D

Trolled west and east. 3.2-3.4 sog seemed best although we nailed a nice fish on a dipsy when we slowed down once trying to fix a bow mount issue.

Found a series of slicks or scum lines from 250 to 260 fow with a large one in 255. Went 13 for 16 with 1 triple and two doubles working those slicks. Some nice steelies, a couple decent kings, 1 laker and the rest small kings/coho (not very good at telling the difference).

Best day on my boat ever! :D

Big thanks to Motion Show for the scouting report and Tangled Mess for the input as well. Nice to meet Dave Ash, CrowHunter, and Holland Piper at the fish cleaning station.

Small spoons ruled! Regular stingers and mini streaks.

riggers from 55 to 75 too fish on lemon ice took 3; tried down to 140 w/ no takers although we marked fish from 80-150 down.

250 copper w/ mod coyote took 4

350 copper w/ purple glow tiger took 3

300 copper w/ mixed veggie took 3

wire dipsy back 110 on #2 w/ took 3

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Nice to meet you as well. We ended up 10 for 16 in basically the same water/area. I'm glad Dave agreed to take his boat, to save on gas. Our mix and presentation was also very similar to yours, except spoons were Mixed Veggie, Watermelon, Blue Whale, Blue Dolphin, etc. A very nice day on the lake. Sun/wind burned in October . . . Priceless!!


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