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we fished up north tonight. Had dad driving and the boys(12 and 16yrs old) bringing in the fish and me running the gear. we started at about 630 first hit came at about 730 on a swr 60 down on a firecracker with earrings. knot failed fish lost. nothing till 830 then all h.e. dbl hockey sticks broke loose. first fish came on a big weenie blue rubber poofster 205 back on a high diver, 17 lb. king. next a 18lb. king on a black mamba meat rig 205 back on high diver. the last two came on 1/2 cores not sure on colora but one was a moonshine with orange and white with a blue nose and the other was a silver streak blue and green with a glow ladder back. the last three where a triple header and got all 3. finished the night about 4 for 7. big weenie took 3 other hits. this bait has been my best the last 2 years. i am up here all week more reports to follow.

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what fow and how far down.. And we have had alot of triples and doubles this year. The fish seem to be sitting in pockets.

You find one fish and you are sure to find more in that area :thumb: Makes a GPS invaluable.

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