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Fished with a work buddy today, left the pier at the same time as yesterday around 4am. Set up in 45 FOW a few ticks south of the filter. Was treated to quite the lighting show that was going on in Kenosha and Racine. Nabbed four wish between 65-85 FOW, all kings with a 3 year old putting on quite the air show for me.

Fish came on 125’ CU board with homemade green glow fly with blade and mtn dew hot spot

SWR down 50 took one on magnum hot lips

5 color board aqua fly and mtn spin doctor took one

Finally a dipsy fired and stayed glued, nice king on FF….

Water was still warm on top, temps were 66 in Fox Point, seems like everyone followed the charter boats there. Got chased off at 7am by incoming weather. Rain doesn’t bother me but the red, orange, and yellow on the weather radar was enough for me to exit. 4-4 in 3 hours, not bad at all!

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