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Left the pier a little after 4:30am this morning and set lines around the Filter in 75 FOW. Ran out to 125 and picked up an average size Coho on a rigger 40 back and 33 down. Trolled out to 175 before picking up a nice brown on a 5 color board with 00 dodger and green/gold peanut. Couldn’t get anything going so I headed for swallower water and finally popped a nice king in 75 FOW, 2 color SWR on a rigger down 39.

Missed 5 others today and at 10am, waved the white flag and pulled gear. Tough day on the water and no matter what I threw at them the fish were tight lipped. Seemed to be pretty common amongst the Milwaukee crew this morning as no one was really knocking them dead.

Ran a double dipsy set on the port side and didn’t get anything on dipsys all day! I changed speeds, direction, even ran some copper but it was slow going. Moonshine wonderbread did take 2 of the 3 fish, so maybe it’s time for more spoons in the mix…

Did see a decent thermocline about 50’ down as the water changed from 64 surface temp to 44. I saw a lot of dead and dying alewives on the surface and couple that with all the boat traffic from this weekend and I think I know why fishing was tough…..

Didn’t come close to my limit but I got to fish in shorts and a tee shirt and had the top down on the boat. Friday is new toy day as the auto pilot gets installed so Saturday morning I will be back at it.

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