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Whats your favorite brand of downrigger

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i got to use my big jon pro tournaments this past year. they were awesome and very fast. and i do like the flex in the booms, just takes alot of stress off the boat.

i did have one problem but i think i found the answer. i didnt like trying to tilt the booms up with the 13 lb weights i use. so i tried the cannon weight retrievers and they just didnt work on the big jon auto stops. so i switched to the scotties and they worked alittle better but not much. so now i found the traxtech retrievers and i believe they are going to work great with the auto stops. they have a large open roller that will let the beads go through the retriever without hanging up. im really looking forward to trying them on the water, but i think this problem is fixed. if so these are some awesome riggers thats very fast and has auto stops. good luck to you all.


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I like my Big Jon's. Always have, always will. Fished with capt. paks years ago and just got a new set of Brutes last year. I love them! A good fishing buddy swears by his cannons and I'm by no means knocking on them, but they just dont cut it for me. The stats on those fancier scotties look pretty impressive as well.

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