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Just curious Dale, does the boat have the holes for the bracket now already drilled out? If so, this new boat you bought should have included it, along with the spare two riggers you mentioned in another post. I hope that guy isn't nickel/diming you for every option he removed. If not, keep searching, or go to boat sheds with junk/abandoned/back storage fee'd boats that nobody wants and is going to pay on, that's usually the best deal. BTW, unless you plan on making swims off the boat often, why have it? If the occasional swim is in the works, you can get a swim ladder for the transom/sides that will also work, and not be in the way of riggers. Thanks.

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Make sure you seal the mounting bolts good when you find one. Thompson boats transom from the factory are not the best to say the least. My platform wasnt sealed and I had to replace the transom. The new one is glassed in and was epoxy coated. I did not put back on the boat becuase swim platforms get in the way netting fish. I havent found a ladder that will work on my boat. You may have the same problem. My gunnel is too wide. If I see one in my travels I will let you know.

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