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Fly Colors question?


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Here is one of my setups I showed Don and he made his own right after he saw it.

This is my vise it is a 3/8 bolt with a piece of 5/16 fuel line pretty simple to make


here are some materials laid out by the way there is a chrome bullet head in the vise already. I use small scissors a thread bobbin with Kevlar thread short pieces of Bandaboo and banded mylar some clear nail polish and a whip finish tool. again simple stuff.


take a bit of glue or nail polish and apply to the tube or head and make several wraps of thread around it to lock the thread down.


Pick your outside color and begin wrapping it and the thread around the tube or head add additional colors or layers as you go. with a little practice you can make a quality fly in a couple min or less I have no problem tying 20 to 30 or more per hour when I am setup and have the time.

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