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  1. Nice JOB KJ on those ITO Flies!!!! I am going to have to get up there and do some fishing with you guys!!!!!
  2. Way to go man! Glad to see you are wacking some fish! Next time if you put what you got them on I will use the info as a report on my weekly radio show on webtalkradio.net.
  3. Hey Dave what is the name of that spin doctor and the fly that you were using?
  4. If you would like to be an observer for the Coho Classic please give me a call at 219-229-4390. The classic is on April 30 and May 1. this would be a great chance for you to learn from some of the best fisherman on Lake Michigan! Thanks Ryan
  5. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/2/3/6/5/close_up_of_ho_w_uv_miarge.jpg' alt='close_up_of_ho_w_uv_miarge.jpg'>
  6. The Knot Rite charter boat put 33 coho in the box on 2 trips this past weekend! 2 inch flies were just smoking them in a secret color! I will post some pics later!
  7. Thanks Kyle! We were a good 3/4 mile off shore when I took that with a 70-300 lense on my Canon Rebel Digital SLR! I took more that I will try to get posted tomorrow!
  8. For some reason the photo will not post so if someone could help that would be great! I took this photo on a hazy morning before a storm blew in!
  9. When you are getting those small spring coho here is a fast and easy way to cook them! Skin and cut out fat and bones (I have young kids so bones dont work) Fill a frying pan about a 1/8 inch deep in oil of your choice and turn on to a very HIGH heat. In a bowl on the side dip small pieces of fish in a spice and oil mixture just so the seasoning sticks then cook in the pan for about 30 seconds on each side. The thicker pieces will still be a little bit pink in the middle but it has an awsome taste. you do have to watch the pan cause the spices that are left in the pan will tend to burn. If this happens dump the oil and start again! If the coho is more then a inch thick this will not work!
  10. Here are a few that were caught out of Indiana this past week! All caught on 2 Inch flies!
  11. For us it is cannons but since cannon worked with our radio show and gave us a really SWEET deal I guess it is a no brainer!
  12. Not real big on the southern end of the Lake but great numbers and man was dinner good last night!
  13. We got 3 coho today standing on a short pier in Portage Indiana today. Man it feels good to get out! We also watched some guys banging some browns on Skein on the bottom!
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