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New Rigger Rods Coming from Eyefull


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Never thought about getting a custom Pink rod and reel made.

I actually purchased a tuna rod that was hot pink for my wife and just put a okuma spinning reel on it. Every once in a while we'll run it on a rigger. BARELY has any flex, but man it looks good. We call it the "kitchen sink" setup. When nothing else is working, you guessed it, out comes the kitchen sink. If you see us trolling with a pink pole out, you can bet the fishing is pretty slow.

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Lots of my charter captains have one or two for those trips when you have lots of women aboard. One had the inscription "Snack Spot":o? Not sure what that is about. There are actually several good blanks that come in pink now. I have to admit, they really do look hot on a bright day in a rigger. I am finishing one up tonight, maybe one of the sharpest to date, i'll try to get a picture of it while drying.

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