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hunters helping kids

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hi everyone i'm bob teachout (fishinmachine) my buddy and i from work have started a fennville chapter of hunters helping kids we are the only michigan chapter .we are out to help kids learn about hunting and the outdoors get them out of the house get them active in the outdoors hunting and fishing and it will be all kind of kids from poor kids to rich kids out kids with a last wish .get kids out that may not ever have the chance so its our goal to take them out we are having a banquet on may 1 at 6pm at the silo in allegan we will have a live auction and many raffle for guns bows ,golf packages ,and spa packages for the woman if you would like tickets the are 40.00 per person or 70.00 for a couple and 15.00 for kids prime rid dinner with all the fixins you can contact me at 616-218-4053 or my buddy nate at 616- 283-8880 we are stopping ticket sale by april 20 we have to let the silo how many people .there will be no ticket sales at the door need to get hem ahead of time thank you bob teachout (HHK)

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Not a problem Bob. I went back an edited it for you. You should have an edit button on your browser in the lower right hand side of your post should you need to go back and edit a post in the future.

Great thing you guys are doing, all the best.

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