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Converting kicker motor to long shaft question.


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Hey Guys, I just got a 1986, 15 horse Evinrude for my boat yesterday. It is actually "on loan" from a good friend of mine so the price is right.:D

Anyhow, it is only a 15 inch shaft, and I know that it is way to short, so I need to convert it to a 20 or 25 inch. I have done a little research and found out that it is possible and not really that hard to do; so they say. The only hard part is going to be finding parts. I really want to find some used parts if possible, but I can't seem to find anything yet. In all honestly, I can't even find new parts for it yet.

Has anyone ever actually done this; and is it was easy as they claim?

And the big question is; Does anyone know of a good source for these parts? I have already tried E-bay and a Google search with limited results.

P.S. Sorry for the typo in the title, it should read "Converting", If a Mod could fix that I would appreciate it.

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To make it a long shaft about the only thing you save from your motor is the powerhead. To be honest you might end up spending as much on the parts you need as it would cost for a differant motor. I have a 40hp Merc that runs fantastic I spent 700 bucks having the engine gone thru 4 years ago however the mech forgot to add oil to the lower unit ( long story ). Anyhow they would not replace the lower unit but did finally settle up with me for a somewhat fair deal. The reason they would not replace the lower unit was it cost more for the parts than the engine was worth once it was fixed. You can try Van's in Grand Rapids or Camp & Cruise in Marne, or Max's shop http://www.outboardjunkyard.com/. Good luck

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If this is going to be mounted on a bracket my old bracket was able to adjust low enough to use a short shaft. If its going to be transom mounted I have seen a short shaft motor troll a 23' seaswirl and it didn't start cavitating till around 5 mph.


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Steve, I have a large aluminum bracket that is mounted to my transom from which I will be hanging the motor from, so it (the kicker) will not be mounted directly to the transom. Currently the bracket is not adjustable, however, you have given me an idea.

Instead of lengthening the motor shaft, maybe I should modify the bracket to adjust the kicker lower in the water.

I think it would be much easier to lengthen the motor shaft, but I have not found any place to buy the parts yet, although I have not looked super hard yet.

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You'll need:

1. 20 inch drive shaft.

2. 5" extension spacer w/ exhaut spacer+gasket and fastners.

3. 20" shift rod.

4. You might as well put a new impeller kit if you pull the lower unit.

I would try Vans Sport Center in Grand Rapids for good used parts. I think you'll find you can get a good late 70's early 80's 15 Evinrude long shaft for the price of the parts you'll need to convert someone else's motor.

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