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Life in this country


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I have been a lurker on this site and find it to be one of my favorites.

This is my first post on this site because the title caught my eye.

I see most everyone here feels close to the same way I and many others do about the condition of the Gov't. The elected officials are left wing, right wing but they flying the same bird. There really is not much differance between the two parties.

Congress, Senate , the Pres, they create problems and then convince people to vote them back into office so they can try to fix the very problems they created.

Albert Einstein stated " the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result." I would suggest that voting an incumbent back into office fits this description Republicans and Democrats alike.

If you protest or disagree with the Gov't your labeled a Cooke, a militia, a Nazi etc..... just look at the tea parties and the minutemen at the borders.

Look at Ron Paul. He has a bill in the house right now to Audit the Fed{remember the bailouts} HR 1207 IS HAS 303 COSPONSORS and it can't get out of committee for a vote.

You might find these links interesting



Sorry to get so riled. I hope to post some whitefish reports in November.

Double K

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I want to clear up some of my points one of which is we have no real growth in this country in decades what we have is inflation moving all the numbers up the scale. But one thing I like to point out to people because it is true we can blame washington all we want much of this is our own fault most of us are too absorbed in our own little world to pay attention to our neighbors. We watch the news and go Oh that is bad someone should fix it but then we change the channel and watch something else. Our government figured out decades ago they could shove pretty much anything down our throats if it was mixed in with a crisis situation and we had to act fast to avoid disaster ( sound familar ). The Great depression was bad but was made worse by 10 years of Teddy Roosevelt trying to fix it with social programs if you want to thank anyone for getting us out of the Great Depression thank Hitler for being a idiot and messing with us and the Japanese for bombing Pearl Harbor. Take away those things and odds are we never come out of the Depression. Why because you can't fix a spending problem by spending more. The base problem is every time you give the government a dollar to spend they borrow 2 more bucks and spend 4 leaving us oweing a buck to them and 2 bucks plus interest to who ever they borrowed it from. President Kennedy got a tax cut thru before he was shot and it worked lowering the tax rate gave everyone more money to spend which most did this created a large economic growth since back then nearly everything we bought was made here it also created industrial growth. This broadened the tax base and increased tax revenue which grew the government. Johnson used this growth to help build his Great Soceity plans of increased welfare. Fast forward to 1981 Reagan copies Kennedy and lowers the income tax rate worked once why not again. and yep we had huge economic growth the difference we bought mostly foreign product from Walmart and K Mart and the like so no industrail growth in fact we lost jobs. Fast forward to the first Stimulus plan we borrowed 700 billion from China and mailed millions of people checks and most of them ran to Walmart and sent the money right back to China worked so good for China they did it again oh by the way we still owe the money to China. At current rate within the next 15 years our national debt will be equal to the entire Gross Domestic Product of this country. The intrest alone on our debt is many millions per day better get a big calculator if you want to do those numbers. Me I am torn between going to war to save our country or just saying see you all later and heading for the woods to finish out my life hunting and fishing someplace remote.

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