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Depth Raider Instructions

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I picked up a depth raider at a good price, but no instructions or manual. Does anyone have one they can scan and email? if not, whats the best way to set these up? mainly the antenna and how to connect to the probe, heard you need to use some special dieelectric tape or similar. Any help would be great. thanks


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Pretty easy to set up mount the unit and hook up 12vdc to it run the antenna lead to the rigger. Mount the antenna pick up on the rigger boom and run the downrigger cable thru the antenna pickup. The antenna pick up location will vary depending on your downrigger on my riggers I mount it between the pulleys so it does not get affected by cable movement. Get a Klincher terminator and remove the snap rivet and replace with a small stainless bolt. here is a copy of a pic on how to set it up.


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The Klincher is made of high density Plastic and will not conduct electricity so you put the loop in to connect the wire to the snap. The Depth Raider sends its signal up the downrigger cable so has to be electrictly connected to the cable. Also since it is a low voltage signal the connection should be insulated hence the water proof tape and the coated downrigger cable.

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Jeff, ill bet if you called them, dont trust that they will respond to your email, calling works best, it may take a few calls to get someone on the phone, but ill bet they would send you a copy of instructions, they very good about customer support!!






Postal address

35417 Oak Knoll Road, P.O. Box 753, Burlington, WI 53105

Electronic mail

General Information: [email protected]

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