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  1. Best shakedown I recall. Went 9 for 13.

    We got on the water at 9:00. Fished 145-200 feet on a glassy flat lake.

    Most fish came in the 190s. All fish came in top 40 feet. All but 1 were cohos.

    Here's what worked:

    orange killer on 3 colors - got most of the fish.

    also watermelon, 135 copper with super glo melon, riggers with orange killer and green dolphin and one dipsey with green holo glow flasher and hypnotist back 57 on #2 setting.

  2. DNR, like all officers, have discretion. They can listen to the individual and decide what, if anything, to charge. Making the decisions in Lansing to ticket Indiana charter captains takes out discretion from the process. Sorry to hear you got slammed. Hopefully a DNR officer/employee reads these posts and communicates it to superiors.

    Tight Lines

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