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  1. My 2 cents:

    I have the prescription Maui Jims in a progressive lens. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE these sunglasses! They were my first pair of truly good sunglasses, and I will never go back the cheap ones, even if I have to sell a guitar to afford new ones.

  2. I also use the Stinger Dive bombs, but the torpedos look like they would work just as well. The dive bombs produce a little water disturbance which may be an attractant whereas the torpedos slip through the water.

  3. I have also had the green on my rigger rods and backed my lead core with it. Since the riggers have the clear fluoro leaders, I can't see that it could make any difference. I would actually prefer the green, but only because I like the color, not because it catches more fish.

  4. WTG with your catch this year Jim. My catch was up this year both in number and weight. My total so far is 76 with none hitting 20 lbs but like yours many in the 13-18 class. Last year I got my last fish in Nov. I am waiting to put the boat up hoping for one last trip.

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