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  1. Thanks for posting this. First, thank God this occurred in July and not April or May when the surface temps were 47, and that everyone is ok. Secondly, it was well written. Thirdly, it is a reminder to check safety equipment even though we all do this each spring before the first trip. And, lastly it provides great education on what must be done immediately upon losing power in waves that can come over the transom.

  2. The problem with Chinook cleaning station is that after I pull my boat out of the public launch, then I would need to drive downtown with the boat, find parking and convince someone to unlock the cleaning station. We so need a cleaning station at the public launch.

  3. Great explanation Twill. Here's the crinkle - I have ridden on a well known local charter who does not measure the speed at the ball, yet they have been highly successful for many years.

    Does it make sense that as long as the bait is speed tolerant, the salmon can swim fast enough to catch it?

  4. Out with a friend yesterday going 5 for 7 including a 13lb king and 11 lb steely. We left the busy Grand Haven city dock at 5:45 and started fishing in 80 fow. We dodged boats to 95 and took a south troll. SOG 2.2-2.4.

    What worked

    2 fish on a mag dipsey on 2 with a die hard prochip flasher with green hypnotist fly

    1 was 88 back in 91 fow - the nice king

    1 was 115 back in 138 - a smaller king

    1 fish on a mag dipsey on 2 with a protroll green holo glo flasher with green hypnotist back 88 in 121 fow

    The steelies came on a 6 color and a 3 color between 125 and 141 both on double orange crush

    It is always great to get a friend into some good fishing and send him home with enough fish to remind him of the trip for weeks or months.

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