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  1. Nets around Whitehall

    We just recently took a trip to Whitehall and found three nets just North of the pier heads. 1st was about 1-1/2 miles north 2nd 2 miles north 3rd 3miles north All inside staffs were in about a 100 fow. I have 2 of these marked on my graph but do not have access to it now. If you have anymore info I would appreciate it. Thanks Fishbuster
  2. The fish on the left is a steelhead, the elongated spot on the tail are the giveaway. I know these fish are hard to tell apart sometimes.
  3. Seafoam

    Never put seafoam in oil. It's not supposed to go there!
  4. Planning on taking a boat trip this up coming weekend, can anyone tell me how many nets are out there, and or possible lat lon locations? Thanks
  5. St. Joe 6/24/15 am

    There aren't many Kings, the stocking has been decreased next to nothing. Every port on the lake is now seeing the results, its Lakers or nothing now.