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  1. My conclusion is Salmon are not coming. Very few in the lake anymore.
  2. Sounds like there aren't many Kings left in the lake anymore, not any good reports from any where?
  3. FBD, I Totaly agree with with you. The stocking cuts were necessary but zero plants out of the Holland area are a bit extreme. Fishing out of this area is going to be really bad over the next few years. ( I really hope that I am wrong)
  4. I know that nobody wants to hear this, but it's the truth. Alewife population is up but the DNR will take at least 4 years to increase the salmon stocking. Fishing will be tough for several years!
  5. Holland received 0 Salmon for 2017 and will receive the same for following years until the DNR decides otherwise. King fishing is going to get really tough in Holland for the next few years.
  6. We just recently took a trip to Whitehall and found three nets just North of the pier heads. 1st was about 1-1/2 miles north 2nd 2 miles north 3rd 3miles north All inside staffs were in about a 100 fow. I have 2 of these marked on my graph but do not have access to it now. If you have anymore info I would appreciate it. Thanks Fishbuster
  7. The fish on the left is a steelhead, the elongated spot on the tail are the giveaway. I know these fish are hard to tell apart sometimes.
  8. Never put seafoam in oil. It's not supposed to go there!
  9. Planning on taking a boat trip this up coming weekend, can anyone tell me how many nets are out there, and or possible lat lon locations? Thanks
  10. There aren't many Kings, the stocking has been decreased next to nothing. Every port on the lake is now seeing the results, its Lakers or nothing now.
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