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  1. Very cool! It was the year of the Laker!
  2. Had a good day on the Muskegon River we backed bounced the eggs in those gravel holes around mile 23 on the River. The Steelhead were running everywhere between 5 lbs to 13 lbs! Excellent Smokers, and Grillers that night !
  3. Unreal Steelhead!!! Awesome work! any farther and you will need your Wisconsin Fish License! ?
  4. I did pierheads and 45-65 FOW but was getting knocked around pretty good from south blow this morning 6:30am-8am so bagged it early.....
  5. That is a telling picture in itself! I just came in from my final trip as well this morning ......zip, nada....not even a knock off.....
  6. Looks like the pile I created last night!! Thanks for sharing and being honest!!
  7. Tried again this evening and left Holland and worked out to 135-140 and then picked up all gear turned around and set new spreads and headed back to channel and nothing until we hit 70 FOW and the screen was loaded with fish in the 40-50 water column but still no takers....just another nice sunset and nice night with friends who begged to go out......will try Saturday Morning once again...night bite isn't happening as of late
  8. You got that right! Again hope to see everybody out there Saturday Morning and hopefully we are dodging each other's fish on call! Good Luck everybody! Tight Lines, and be safe!!
  9. Wow! Yup I can only imagine; we will try to give everyone room Saturday. I tangled lines like that two years ago and as I was picking a spoon out of my spread....that wasn't mine I made the mistake of not knowing it was connectced to a moving boat going the other way!!! Boom! The spoon shot out of my hand and set into my thumb....one of many runs to Holland ER over the years ! Always September Combat Fishing Accidents! last trip two weeks ago, filleting salmon with a dull knife in the dark.....behind the garage...pinky still intact wife hates this time of year..... I think I have salmon down to $489.00 a pound after all ER Trips, Gas, Storage, Slip Fees...
  10. Sounds good everybody! See you out there both days and keep the reports coming!!
  11. 2MD I am in love with your 4 stroke Yamaha in the picture!!! Nice set up!! A lot of grass is out there for sure! Anyway I will be out there with my old 1986 17 Boston Whaler with a "smoky" 2 Stroke Yamaha! Hope to see everybody out there and really enjoy your guys tips and reports! Very fun forum to go to see what is working and what is not! St Joe guy is a hard core guy he is out there for hours!
  12. Fish Tank is 100% correct in my opinion run them no farther back than 20 on the ball and Silver Hordes #5 are my go-to! So listen to Fish Tank as that has worked for me....however this past week has been a bust! So I am desperate to end this draught
  13. Just need everybody to go counter clockwise in and out of the channel to make it go smooth; weather supposed to be warm so the go fast and beach crowd will shut down fishing by 11am! And then that will be it for the year for me!
  14. I have a feeling Saturday Morning will be a little combat fishing in the mud and out again....in front of pier heads; Monday Night right at sunset had a couple "pop" but no takers in that 25 fow running plugs down 18 feet on downriggers and dipsey went as well
  15. No fish for me tonight as well.....fished until 8:30pm...
  16. I went deep with not a single "bump" fished the 135-150 with no takers as well-biggest marks came at 135 but again no hookups or bites at all yesterday and that was out of Holland and trolling north to port Sheldon and back. Packed up lines and headed in just in time to watch the Lions comeback against the Cardinals
  17. Nice work! This morning there is a ton of pier Fisherman working the Holland Channel
  18. Yeah these stories are awesome and remember those days well!! The pier head fishing was so fun in the day! My brother and dad talk about it often! I remember my dad giving a lot of money to the outdoorsmen there in Jenison as well!
  19. This poster is correct that spot 3/4 in by the rocks inside the pier has always been money this time of year! The fight always ends up in front of the Piper Reataurant! Great fish for sure and good report ! This week in the evenings will be loaded with pier combat fishing for sure!
  20. Holland Monday Night 1-2 all came in 95 foot of water with downriggers down 55 feet on dead north troll with green ladder-back jumbo j plugs....
  21. Holland Monday Night 1-2 all came in 95 foot of water with downriggers down 55 feet on dead north troll with green ladder-back jumbo j plugs....
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