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  1. I'm a bit biased, but the Seaswirls are phenomenal boats. No cabin cruisers with a couple downriggers mounted on the stern. Just purpose built fishing boats.
  2. These are high quality downriggers and are very popular in GH. We've been running the manuals since the early 80's, then upgraded to the "low profile" electrics. Recently bought a boat outfitted with Big Jon's, but the Proos' are still on the old boat (that is still used), and have been trouble free. I'd recommend them to anyone.
  3. I know they weren't in your comparison, but I'm a big fan of Shimano TDRs. They are reasonably priced ($28-40 depending on who you buy from), a wide selection of sizes, have quality guides, and Fuji reel seats. Definitely one of the best buys for your money.
  4. Now that's funny right there!
  5. Also try Limit Out Sports in Nunica. I haven't been in there in a couple years due to me moving, but they were selling Proos products. The Proos, Stinger, and Great Lakes Holders branded trees are all identical except the stickers. If no luck locally, Big Papa Sportfishing has the GLH bird trees for $161.
  6. There seems to be some mis-information or lack of clarity here. While flare guns are illegal for charter boats under DNR Administrative Rule 281.3121 (see #4), they are not illegal for recreational boaters. The DNR Rule cited above is only applicable to vessels carrying passengers "for hire", such as a charter boat. The MI boating safety course addresses them (as being a CG approved device). If there was an issue with MI law, this would also be addressed but it is not. Furthermore, MCL 750.231c specifically allows flare guns to be carried on vessels under sub-section 4b.
  7. I can't say, but try the Seaswirl forum. LOTS of great info (and a lot of reading) there.
  8. Doggone. Now I'm going to have to try it. Obviously its going to be a smaller screen, but thought it might be nice to have while on someone else's boat or planning while away from the boat.
  9. Anyone tried this on their iPhone?
  10. This looks like something that could very easily be accomplished with a few pieces of PVC.
  11. Can you tell us what will be covered at the school?
  12. Would there have been more interest if the venue was further west?
  13. Capt. Chuck's in Ludington sells the Great Lakes Holders as does Insta Launch in Manistee. You can find them online through Big Papa Sportfishing or you can buy the Stinger labeled variety (though you pay a premium for a different sticker) through Walleye Tackle Store. I just mounted my GLH this weekend and they are very solid. If I were to buy another set of rod holders that were not GLHs, I'd pick up a set of Big Jon's as they are rock solid as well. Either way, you are shelling out a decent chunk of money for rod holders. Keep in mind you are going to hang several hundred dollars worth of gear off the side of your boat. If your holders are not up to the task, kiss it all good bye.
  14. 1HI4X


    Is there another Priority 1? I was EB I96 today and saw another P1 out of Grand Ledge???? Wasn't an Islander though.
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