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  1. 2 - Canon Digitroll Downriggers 2 - 4 Ft Telescopic booms 2 - 2 Ft. booms dual rod holders brand new transducer 2 - brand new protective covers 2 - ball retrivers 2 - downrigger releases 1 brand new terminator kit The price for this package is $1,000 plus shipping. I do have pics. EMail me and I will send them to you. [email protected]
  2. One Hand Ratcheting Heavy Duty with Mounting Plates $125 each or both for $220 + shipping
  3. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/3/1/8/7/picture_315.jpg One Hand Ratcheting Heavy Duty with Mounting Plates $125 each or both for $220 + shipping
  4. I just bought a 2003 21FT Sea Swirl WA. The motor is a 2005 Mercury 225 OB HP four stroke. I am adding a mercury 9.9 hp pro kicker. My question is what is the best steering link or way to join these 2 motors? I am open to any ideas that anyone has. Thanks, JR "Semper Fi"
  5. No insults intended. Saltwater is the model. This boat has never seen saltwater. Thanks for the response though.
  6. Hey folks. Just wanted to throw this out there. I am considering buying a 2003 Seaswirl 2101 striper WA with the above mentioned motor on it. (300 Hours) My question is: Does anyone know if these are the motors with the Yamaha heads etc. on them? Or if anyone can tell me about the this motor through experince or what ever. Thanks
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