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  1. Has anyone launched out of Port Sheldon lately?. Haven't been there in a few weeks but just heard through the grapevine that its plugged and no one is getting out of there! I know the weeds have been really bad but we've been getting through to the big lake. Just wondering if its worth the time to try? Probably should just head to Grand Haven! I'll post a report if we make it out. Thanks, Jeff
  2. 10 for 13 125-150 fow 3.0 on top 2.4 at the ball All fish on flashers and flys, big white paddle with green fly took most fish. 100 to 140 down on riggers Dipsys on 3, 200 back. spin doctors with blue/ green flys. Mostly south troll going with them all night. 3 steelies, a real nice coho, a laker and the rest kings biggest 22lbs weeds have grown all the way into the boat launch at PS. Really bad!
  3. 3.0 at the ball. North and south troll took all the hits!
  4. Fished from 9am to 5pm. Stayed near PS all day in 20 to 40 FOW. 4 for 5 2 on body baits, rapalas. 1 on orange spoon, 5 color. 1 on green spoon, riggger 18 down. 1 on green spoon, high line 1oz weight. Saw a guy in KAYAK about 40 FOW, fight and land a nice steelie!