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  1. Went out late last night around 7:30. set lines around 130 fow and trolled NW until about 220 and back in south east until dark. went 2/2 both kings on rigger 70 down on a jager bomb. still slow, but what a gorgeous night on the water.
  2. got two trolling bags and its really difficult to steer. is it better to have them towards to bow or back by the motor for control? just curious.
  3. either one. i just need to know how fast im going to get an idea. would prefer down speed though
  4. Thanks Ryan I will look into that. I usually look at the dypys this year but really need one
  5. Afternoon gents. Just bought a new boat and need a speedometer for trolling. Only products I know is fish hawk and don't really want to spend 500 bucks. Anyone know a website or product that has just speed. Any help would be great. Thanks
  6. Fishing is still a bit slow out here on grand haven ended up 3/3 people on the radio were catching shallow and out deep so fish are scattered everywere with not many bites. We had all three hits at 130 fow trolling 2.4 at the ball at a NW troll. most people on radio we're catching on north troll. Rigger 55 down small lake trout on Kevorkian bubble Rigger 55 down on a slider it was a rainbow color with black dot 14 pound steelhead 5 color blue dolphin small laker Hope this helps might go out tomorrow pending weather good luck all
  7. Any fishing report out of grand haven in the mornings I've fished the nights in 140-160 fow. Should I do morning shallow or stay deep Anything will help Thanks
  8. Not sure why the guy @ northshore said that, but im not a engine guy by any means. I did also tell him to do a full engine check just to be sure what is causing the stall. It runs fine when in the channel and going fast, just when im trolling for about 30-40 minutes and its like gasping for air or not getting the gas and shuts off only when i troll at low speeds. if i go around 4 mph it wont stall, only when i have it go as slow as it can. My thought is if i have the boat go 4 mph and get two baggs one on both sides that might put it down to 2-2.5 mph. If im wrong please let me know, again i have never had this problem and dont want to waste my time/money if it is the engine and i can just slow it down
  9. WOW!!! thanks everyone so much for all the help. Im stored at north shore and the mechanic there said its the alternator needs to be upgraded? Said the rpm is too high to go that slow which is why it stalls, so if I get some bags and give more throttle it wont stall and can be in the 2-3 range. THANKS AGAIN EVERY FOR YOUR ADVISE
  10. also how about trolling bags? how do you use them and do they work
  11. Hello Gents, just bought a new boat early this month a 1990 sportscraft fisherman 23" with a 5.0 mercruiser. When trolling i can get it down to maybe 2.9mph and it stalls. If i get a trolling plate will it slow down alot so i can have the boat go faster so rpms are higher and wont stall? ANY suggestions on how to slow boat down would help. thanks
  12. Went out of Grand haven with our new boat and set lines around 140 fow around 6:45pm. trolled NW and had a screamer on the dypsy 250back on a uv blue dolphin at 155 fow, had two buddies with me who has never been fishing so he grabbed the dypsy and set hook while fish was running....WELL line snapped so that was a bummer. About 1 hour later rigger went off 57 down on a watermelon and lost at the boat. Alot of boats in the 140-160 area. we had some motor troubles so had to call it a day. went 0-2 in about 90 minutes.
  13. nice fishin kevin, we are out of north shore marina in Grand haven this year. went out yesterday and oh boy it was choppy about 4 footers and father in law got sick and chumming the waters so took of after about 45 minutes of fishing.
  14. Hey everyone, taking my father fishing out on grand haven on our new boat so its been about a month for fishing for me. Want to catch alot of fish for fathers day so any reports lately would be much appreciated. thank you all good happy fishing
  15. how deep were you out? taking my dad out for fathers day sunday.
  16. anyone know of any fishing leagues for this upcoming season for salmon??
  17. went to the pm for some river fishing in the mouth in Ludington and fishing was very slow. Best times to fish were 6:00am and 7:00am. Caught most of my fish with a green glow thunderstick. Did catch a nice 25 pound king but dont know how to post it. can anyone help so i can post picture. thanks
  18. well the cold weather coming in i would start out in the channel and work your way out to about 90 feet or so. jplugs are the lures to use this time of year, but at first light i would use anything that glows. went out last night and went 4-6 out of port sheldon using chrome jplugs and bloody nose spoons one 110 back on a dipsy and the other three were on a chrome jplug on a rigger 45 down at 80 fow, 45 down at 65fow and one right in the channel. nothing big all kings biggest was 14 pounds. Good luck and happy fishing
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