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  1. Also when I find a current were bottom speed is .4 faster I have it and stay straight then it's gone doesn't it stay the same for a while or what?
  2. I tried to calibrate it Saturday morning on pigeon lake and it kept on moving speeds on me. Went from 2.4 to 3.1 and couldn't keep it steady. Does the driver has to keep te boat perfectly straight or is that normal it moving speeds like that. After getting on the big lake it changes speeds a lot also at the ball and boat speed. People who have fosh Hawks do you have the same thing happen?
  3. Got up saturday morning and was the first boat at port sheldon launch and there were alot of cops and news station trucks with the accident so were not able to get in the launch. waited about 10 minutes while they towed the damaged boat away(very sad). after getting out we set lines at 60 fow going on a sw troll and took a quick hit on a 5 color on a mixed veggie. it was a steelhead and snapped off. right after that two riggers went off within seconds of eachother one 33 down on a white moo moo meat rig and the other 50 down on a spotted dick meat rig. had both to the boat and AGAIN both came off. went out to about 95 fow and no hits so we decided to go back in shallow so got nothing going NE until we were about to turn going south 70 fow and had the rigger 50 down again go off got him in about a 9# king on spotted dick. in conclusion we had 6 rips on meat from 33-50 on riggers. two on dypsy blue dolphin 120 back on 3 setting and carmel dolphin 75 back setting 3 and one a 5 color. ended 4-9 two kings and two lakers
  4. That will work I've done that but I switched to using a Albright knot its smaller and one less Knot you have to tie to worry about breaking.
  5. How do you know I you are in a current or how to find one
  6. DR hook how would you know if your in a current by the down speed and top speed difference correct?
  7. how do you know if you in a current and what speed seperation is what we want from top to bottom for good fishing or currents
  8. WOW!!!! JDH thank you so much really appreciate it and also BOSS HAWG. I didnt know you had to calibrate it. when we wer fishing sunday it was going all over the board and was hard finding current
  9. Thanks alot so not only looking at speed also look at how the left and right side of poles bend. basically should have them bending the same?
  10. I bought my first fish hawk and was curious when fishing how to know when you in current. lets just say you are trolling at boat speed of 2.1 mph and the prob 50 feet down is 2.5. should the speed at the ball be faster than boat speed or opposite to catch fish? PLEASE HELP. thanks,
  11. went out of port sheldon last night around 3 and fishing until 7. fished from 25-60 fow. 40 ft seemed best all on a north troll going 5/8 2 keeps one nice 13 pound king on dypsy 3 setting 50 back on carmel dolphin super slim. one on a rigger 15 down on pink with colored spots rapala. two on 50 copper uv mixed veggie and one on 25 copper on monkey puke. Not a bad first time out. alot of bait fish were just north of the pier heads but be careful there is alot of trash and logs out there
  12. getting a new fish finder and was wondering what the difference is with 50/200 or 83/200 transducer. will be using for strictly salmon fishing the big lake. thank you
  13. We ended up catching on 8 fish and lost 4 at the boat. Not many people were catching fish but I usually fish grand haven and heard they killed it lol. going back up to Ludington labor day weekend so hope fish are still in close and not already down river
  14. Anyone have any reports out of ludington? Going up for the weekend and taking some kids and would like to get them on some fish. Thanks everyone
  15. Thanks everyone for the reply. This has been driving me nuts on what to do. Im likeing the braided with floro but not sure what #. I like the lower lines like 20# braid with 15# liter or should i do 30# braid and 20# liter to be safe?
  16. Need to respool all my lines for this upcoming weekend trip. Any suggestions of line lbs mono/braided color?? anything would help. Ive been strugglking this year on catching the fish and trying every little thing. thank everyone for your help
  17. Does anyone have a good website that reads temperature? i ussually use gh steelheader.com but heard the bouy was hit by a boat and isn not working. any other sites you may recommend?
  18. people are catching some fish out in deeper water top 40 fow on meat rigs and anything orange and gold spoons. 130-200fow. im going to try it tonight starting at 120 and try to find a temperature break. fishing is just not good at all right now we need the temp to build up next week.
  19. Thanks for the feedback hopefully something changes soon this year is a bust
  20. Ya i went out last night and it was really bad. Ifished the mud. In the mud temp was 55 degrees and about 100 yards outside the mud is 47 degrees at surface. I have some first timewrs going out friday night/ saturady morning and want to catch them something. is anyone catching them out deeper or shallow? any help will be much appreciated. thanks:grin:
  21. Havent heard much report out of grand haven? anyone doing any fishing there lately?
  22. I went out in the mud line last night and didn't catch a thing I'm also curios depth and what port
  23. We went out of gh sat morning fished from 5-10 and only went 1-1 on jäger bong again 160 fow 70 down. people were catching really shallow 80-100 fow then headed out deep but we went 160 fow and went deep early so missed the show I think
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