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  1. I agree withekbelt. I ussually have my baits about 20 ft back depending on the lure. J-plugs i would have them closer 15-20 ft. in my opinion it puts off a better movement in the water and ive caught more fish being closer to the boat
  2. we use channel 68. Holland and Muskegon has been taking some big fish
  3. thanks guys hopefully next time we go out i will have some pictures for you on your great advise.
  4. Ive been fishing numerous times on the big lake off of Grand haven and port sheldon and cant seem to catch any of the big fish people are taking. Most recent we ussually catch fish from 8-10 pound kings and mostly fish between 80 fow out to 165 fow with riggers from 40 down all the way to 90 down. I use dypsys and also copper and lead core on planner boards. Any advise on what speed, or depths people are catching the bigger fish would be much appreciated. we will do well catchiong fish, but nothing bigger than 16 pounds.
  5. thanks for the report. we went out on 8/18 morning out of ps and started off at 80 and trolled west to about 165 then east back into about 80 feet. went 4-7 1 lemon ice - 145 dypsy 3 green fly green flasher- 175 dypsy 1 orange crush- 50 rigger 1 blue dolphin-250 dypsy 1 lemon ice- 5 color lead core
  6. check out walmart. You can get a 150 quart cooler for 80 bucks and they work great for fishing. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Igloo-Quick-and-Cool-150-Quart-Cooler/16437963
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