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  1. Ed, I am looking to have a boat surveyed in Ludington and called John Watson. His voicemail said he is out of commission (temporarily) due to a hip surgery. Would you know of another surveyor in the area? If not would you know someone with experience that could tag along, while I am looking at the boat? So far since I am unable to find a surveyor in the area, I have been doing a lot of reading online and found this interesting article. http://www.pcmarinesurveys.com/Marine%20Survey%20101.htm
  2. Just wondering because I am in the market for a bigger boat and will be listing mine shortly.
  3. What are you going to do with your old boat?
  4. Here is some links to other threads discussing some considerations. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/forums/showthread.php?t=30374&highlight=garmin http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/forums/showthread.php?t=27587&highlight=garmin http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/forums/showthread.php?t=30364&highlight=garmin
  5. Some of the Amish that I know of that does canvas work is located North of Greenville area. Here is a link to Ann's Custom Canvas that Jon was mentioning. http://annscustomcanvas.com/
  6. Where are you located? There is some Amish that make canvas boat covers nearby me.
  7. Check out this site, as it will explain some of the differences. http://fishlandersports.com/
  8. Southtroll, What is your facebook page? Do you have a link?
  9. This thread was first started on (04-16-2007). I am not sure if Big Weenie was established around that time?
  10. The article also said some boats suffered from water damage, kinda wondering how that happens?
  11. Hope the guy recovers okay from the fire. I also hope that too many boats will not have burned up, couldn't imagine watching all of my stuff go up in flames. http://www.woodtv.com/dpp/news/local/ottawa_county/fire-starts-in-grand-haven
  12. If you follow this link, they will email you coupons. http://www.showspan.com/Coupon.aspx?showcode=USG I think they are only good for Thurs. and Fri. The email will say it takes 12 hours to recieve the coupouns but we got them immediatley. I was there yesterday from 3 pm till 9pm and sat through the Michigan Outdoors big buck night, listen to some interseting and funny stories. After finishing up a job this morning in Jenison I went back today at 12:30 to spend the rest of the day there. For the life of me I could not find a parking spot. The nearest parking I could find was six blocks away that could accomidate my truck. Said screw it and went back home. I planned on making some purchases and didn't want to carry everything that far. My new plan is to be there early on Sun. morning so I can park under the building, like I did on Thurs. it was very conveinent.
  13. Was it a gray squirrel?, I know they can be carnivorous and will also eat baby birds in their nest.
  14. I found these online. Anyone here use them with any results? I read some reviews on cabela's with some happy customers. http://www.cagioutdoorproducts.com/usa/techspecs.html
  15. Thank you for all of the insight. I run a lot of meat, but plan to jump on the UV band wagon myself to try it out. I have yet to own any UV lures. I will be attending the GR show and plan on spending more.
  16. I just measured my 19' Islander and it is almost exactly 8 foot tall from the ground to top of wind shield. It definitely will not fit in my 7 foot garage door. When the Bimini top is deployed it is 9 1/2 foot tall. The boat is sitting on a trailer.
  17. As I sit here and scroll through the 2012 hot list thread and other similar threads, it intrigues me about lure colors and selections. It seems I can ask 10 people what is your favorite color spoon and I will get 10 different answers. After digging through my spoon collection which would easily fill a five gallon bucket, there is probably only about a dozen (color wise) that are my go to spoons. I still find myself spending a considerable amount of time looking at most of the spoon manufactures color schemes, (lure porn) and I go into lure overload. The colors seem to get wackier every year with no resemblance to bait fish, but yet I am still buying to "try" out this new color or this new series. It leads me to believe wacky color schemes and crazy lure names are developed every year to increase sales to remain competitive. Sales wouldn't be as high if the "same old proven" color patterns were the only selections available. Just like car manufactures continuously changing the look of their vehicles. Or clothing manufactures always coming out with new lines of clothes; when my plain old T-shirt gets the job done. Don't get me wrong about experimenting and constantly innovating to improve our way of life, but sometimes I think it becomes out of control to obtain the bottom line. Just wondering what are your thoughts; "are more fisherman caught then fish?" Do you experience "lure overload" with all of these crazy color selections?
  18. I did pass the inspection and received a yellow piece of paper. It did allow me to go free for the next two inspections, but we still had to stop what we are doing and reel our lines in so they can read the paper to make sure it is authentic. I called West Marine and spoke to Grant, he was unsure when the CG auxiliary meeting was going to be held, but pretty sure it would be around end of April. One factor that I couldn't understand is the smaller boats 14-16 footers that are out there fishing with me are not inspected.
  19. I am wondering if there was anyway to have your boat inspected at the beginning of the year and have a sticker issued so the coast guard will see that you are good for the season. I was pulled over three times out of Muskegon last summer. At times I would have any where from 6-12 lines out and it is a pain to reel everything in, reposition my rigger arms and ect. They don't even wait for you to reel everything in and my lines got wrapped around their boat, it took three of their officers to grab my lines to untangle my gear from their boat. I appreciate their service and what they do for us to ensure our safety, but isn't there a better way? Like catch me when I am returning to port or have a pull over spot at their station?
  20. I went to the LOU site and read the post, very interesting to say the least. I am in the market for a probe and may wait for this unit to become available. Some of the concerns that I do have is interference with neighboring boats. From the sounds of it you can attach the unit to 450 copper and that is a long way behind the boat. So when my neighbor cruises by will I be reading his units or vice versa? Does each of these 6 probes require special batteries? How accurate are the units, especially when it may be 450 feet behind the boat and 80 feet down. If a line breaks off, what is the replacement cost for a probe? It intrigues me as to how the wireless unit knows where the starting point (zero depth plane) is located so far behind the boat. These are some of the questions I will have at the GR show.
  21. Anyone try this auger? http://www.ioniceaugers.com/
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