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  1. Have never fished after dark, but would like to try sometime. I will be fishing out of Muskegon 6 in the morning. When I was out there on Sat. saw two sets of nets to the north. Didn't go south but heard there was 4 sets south.
  2. What are the unwritten trolling etiquette rules or expectations? While fishing out of Muskegon I was on a north troll, a boat to my right came out of no where and started paralleling ahead of me, then he decides he wants to go deeper and cuts me off. So his boards and copper are now in front (or under us.) That is one example of many times other people are cutting me off. It is not always a big deal as when I slow down or speed up and turn away it has triggered strikes, but it is just plain annoying. I try to avoid everyone as much as possible but always seem to play bumper boats at some point and time. What determines the trolling right away? Always yield to the boat trolling on your starboard? If your boat is bigger the mine, then am I suppose to turn?
  3. Hey, this is Jason the Bat Man. Just checking in, if you are the one that I did work for?


  4. I thought that was a "Canadian fish finder" back in the 1940's my late grandfather would tie a balloon to a walleye and release it. The thought was the walleye would go back to his buddies. Follow the school around to catch more fish.
  5. Sea Eagle, The closet thing I could find to your mystery spoon in question is a Flintstone "Deadly Ted" http://www.brettsplaceonthebay.com/deadly-ted/
  6. Last Fri. straight out from the harbor in 130 fow was a net with one white buoy. Unable to see any other buoys that connected to it. "Wishful thinking" was fishing out there at night and he PM me this info: (We found some to the south of the channel in 90 to 100 fow. I think there are some way north too unless they have moved.) I even tried calling the fish dock and received no call back, I emailed them with no reply back. The net alert website has no info on it. I wish it was a law to post net coordinates especially when they are not marked very well. If you find anything out, I would love to hear of the info also. I will be out there tomorrow for sure and maybe this weekend also. Coast Guard going from boat to boat conducting safety inspections. We were boarded and passed.
  7. New to the forum, lots of great info here. I was wondering, how do I learn about net locations? The fishdock website has no listing.
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