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  1. My grandson just got stationed in Port Huron, I normally fish Lake Erie for walleye, what do you fish for in this area . Thanks ( Proud USCG Grandpa). Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  2. Thanks for the Indiana report, good luck on the tournament Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  3. Those are nice perch , are they usually still biting around Labor Day? We have been going to Erie walleye fishing but that's been tuff fishing the few years unless you go way east this might be a new opportunity and maybe closer to home
  4. Fished the area east of the northern most green can on K.I. shoal about 2 miles right next to the Canadian line 3oz inline 40' back green and gold blade harnesses 1.5 mph 3 man limit on 6-13-15
  5. Saturday looking like a blow day NE wind 20-30. What will this do to the already muddy water? The reports are very few this week from other sites has it been windy all week?
  6. We will be staying on Marblehead about 1/2 mile from Mazuric ramp, sounds like the water is chocolate milk right now.We plan to fish Friday evening if we get there in time
  7. Getting ready for an Erie trip ,starting Friday for a week,the fishing reports are saying check your boats if you dock in a marina .The strong NE winds pushed several feet of water to the west end plus 2-3" of rain.It will be muddy for 4-5 days proably 10 miles out.The good thing is the water level will drop as soon as the wind lets up.
  8. Going up on 6-5 -15 for a week to fish the islands ,go to hear they are still in close
  9. I live a little SE of you and fish the islands to Huron and gas is always as much as lodging.It is 225 miles one way for us ,$80 each way plus $30 a day in the boat.
  10. I enjoy reading your reports as I am a walleye fisherman also but have never been to Saginaw Bay,have a safe offseason.
  11. Good to see an Indiana report I am Erie walleye fisherman looking for another bad habit.Thanks for the detail as I am still tring to learn the lingo.
  12. I have Amishoutfitters ,good choice
  13. Good report,my family and I fished around the islands and only had 11 for the weekend,thanks.
  14. Thanks for the info.I am a Erie walleye guy thinking of trying for salmom-trout someday
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