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  1. Thanks for the report !!! Way to go Jimmy and crew.
  2. Nice job Jimmy.!!!!! The lake looks beautiful.
  3. Welcome Cathy!! There is alot of good information here and everyone is very willing to help.
  4. Nice Job Jimmy. You got some nice looking fish. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. Please bring some of the sun shine home with you. We are going to need it to dry out.
  5. Skin off, canning, grilling, and deep frying.
  6. Congrats Jimmy !!!! Nice Buck. What a great way to spend time with your girls. Some of us ladies like hunting and fishing too !!! lol
  7. Nice Doe !!! Tell Jessie congrats and way to go !!!!!!!!!
  8. Congratulations on your growing family
  9. Nice job Jimmy . congrats on your doe !!!!
  10. way to go Jimmy !!! good job ... thanks for the report.
  11. Way to go Jimmy ! Thanks for the report. Love the pics
  12. Way to get them in the boat Jimmie. !!! Alittle more wave than they were calling for. Hope you and Amy have a great weekend.
  13. I went on line to : how to can salmon fish/eHow.com They give great direction on how to prepare it and how to can it. printer friendly print outs also.
  14. I just bought a thermocell. Have not been able to try it out yet.
  15. Went out last night for the third time in my boat. The first time we went out in begining of May. We got skunked. I think because we were going to fast. I coundn't get her to troll under 3.8 The motor would spit and sputter if I went much lower than that. I think I had a little water in the gas . The Second time I went out on Mothers day. We went 8 for 9. My friend let me borrow some buckets. ( Thanks Jimmy) That helped alot. Slowed me down to 2.75 to the 3 range. Got some fresh gas and she purr like a kitty. The big fish was 12.5# that I got . Thats the picture for my avitar. Third trip : So we let docks around 3 pm. Headed noth to tunnel park went out to the 130 s went on a south south west troll. My husband got me some trolling bags for my birthday. Those things are the cats meow. slow me down to 1.5 I couldn't believe it. I ran at 2.6 SOG we went 1 for 2. Both on the down riggers. around 87 down. My sixteen year old son (his first trip out) got a 14# on a silver streak Kevorkian that he gave me as a present. Second one came on a JP SLAMMER HAPPY HIPPY. That we sadly lost . So my son broke my big fish record and got the only fish. But it was an awesome night on the lake Thank you guys for all your post. They are greatly appreciated. They really help a newbie like me. It gives me a chance to get on the fish. Since I have joined this site I have learned so much. So thank you one and all. Heidi Boat name : REEL FREEDOM 2012 total: 9 kings big fish : 14#
  16. Nice job Jimmy !!!! Thanks for the report. I knew that king killer looked like a good one. I will have to order a couple.
  17. Sounds like a great program. What a great way to get kids out and have some outdoor fun, and to see how much fun fishing really is. Way to go guys !!!! Thanks for sharing this with our youth.
  18. sorry to hear about your tangle ... love the picture lmao
  19. thanks for the info. I am new to this. I am learning alot from all the post. thanks.
  20. Welcome to the site Bruce alot of good info here.!!!!!
  21. Sherman, I am sorry to hear about your loss. You are in my thoughts at this most difficult time.
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