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  1. Try using a San Diego jam for a fluorocarbon knot, especially on leader material . Seagaur has been pretty good for me.
  2. Whitehall

    Why isn't Pb being used for lead.
  3. Downrigger Wire Vibration

    You can change from wire to braid and that should stop the hum, but many fisherman believe the humming will bring active fish into your spread.
  4. 8-9-2014 Saginaw Bay Walleye

    Who finally ate the cupcake?
  5. Thanks for the nice report, and not just a Facebook link to a photo.
  6. 6-26-2014 Au Gres Walleye

    Thanks for having me Frank. Had a great time, just not much time.
  7. Wire line Rods

    Sorry, big lake series
  8. Wire line Rods

    I've had blue diamonds as well and, was not happy with them. Okuma has a Great Lakes series with all stainless conventional guides and swivel roller tip that works great and is half the cost of a talora. I also would not trust the magna pro with wire.
  9. What should be my next rod setup?

    I fish pt sani.7-10 times a season and would not go without at least 1 or2 short cores w/ a super slim spoon in orange or red. 2 color or 3 color lead on a board well away from the boat is almost always good for a steelhead or 2 out of that port.
  10. Lbs leader Cu

    I use 30lb flourocarbon leader material, it seems to be much more abrasion resistant than regular flourocarbon casting line. Blood Run sells it in bulk, otherwise you have to buy 33yrd spools.
  11. I have LED's from Rigid Industries and love them. I think they are called dually D2. They are very bright w/ very little amp draw.
  12. Slow out of the gate.

    Best of luck to you Grumpy!
  13. Where to buy a lower unit?

    Has anyone used www. Sterndrive or S E I. I'm looking for a lower unit for a 200 hp evinrude ficht. Price for oem gears, bearings, seals etc.is higher than whole lower unit from these websites. Open to all suggestions on where to purchase this drive.
  14. Proctologist fly

    Dreamcatcher paddle.
  15. Inner Bay Eyes Mon-Sat-Sun

    Where was your clicker/counter?