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  1. Top producers... Uv blue dolphin 51 down rigger Moonshine double trouble 67 down rigger Moo moo meat rig 180 back diver Double orange crush 5 color Watermelon 10 color Screwball 200 copper Blue dolphin 100 copper 5 for 7 Thursday pm 120-140 FOW. This morning 5 for 8 145-165 FOW east west troll was best.
  2. Ended the night 5/11. Poor batting average! Anyway, White fishscale paddle with Pickeled sunshine fly 85 down on rigger (tight to ball, 6-8') went 3 times, UV blue dolphin on rigger 45 down went 4 times. Double orange crush 5 color went twice. Jeffies orange spoon on 100' copper went twice. 130-150 FOW was best. took first fish early and then washed spoons for an hour. Then we bumped up the SOG to about 3.1-3.3mph SOG and doubled in about 10 minutes. marked the spot and was able to swing through it again a few times before dark and doubled each time. Fun, beautiful night on the water.
  3. What an awesome first week with amazing weather and lots of nice kings making their way to the scale. I hope that this will continue throughout the season. Congrats to Ben Lubbers and Team Ben'den Rods on there stellar first place finish, as well as Kevin VanDyke and team Reely Ours coming in a strong second, and Joe Merrit and team MA-JOE-RIDE finishing third and taking big fish. Looking forward to our next event on June 13.
  4. Well we reached our goal of 20 teams for this season! Here is the list of participating boats. Idle Time Fins N Grins Any Minute Reely Ours Long Lines Sidetracked Reality Check KARISJACK Spring Fever Feels Good Too Haz-fish MA-JOE-RIDE Motion Show Ben'den rods Squirrel Cage 2B's Tub Burning Desire Happy Fresian Happy Hours Fish Dew'd Thanks to everyone participating. Can't wait to get our on the water! See you next week for our first event on Thursday, May 16.
  5. We already have about 15 Teams committed for the year, look like we will easily get our hoped for 20 teams! Would love to have as many as possible, feel free to contact me with question or to signup.
  6. The 3+1 Holland Tournament Series is an amateur big lake fishing league with 5 events spread throughout the summer. General Information 2013 Thursday 3+1 Big Lake Tournament $100 / boat entry fee, covers 5 events. Scoring: Weekly cash prizes will be based on a point system. 3 salmon and 1 trout can be weighed. 10 points / fish + one point / pound. Ex. Three 12lb. salmon and one 10lb Steelhead would be 86 points. Year-end purse winner determined by total points accumulated over all events. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, largest fish paid each event Year end total points leader payout. Dates: Weight in Location: Time: May 16th Holland (DNR Fish cleaning station) 6:00pm-10:15pm June 13th Holland (DNR Fish cleaning station) 6:00pm-10:15pm July 18th Holland (DNR Fish cleaning station) 6:00pm-10:15pm Aug 8th Holland (DNR Fish cleaning station) 6:00pm-10:15pm Aug 22nd Holland (DNR Fish cleaning station) 6:00pm-10:15pm Rules: 1. Up to 9 rods may be fished at once per boat. 2. The number of people in your boat is not limited. 3. All DNR regulations apply. Feel free to catch your full limit but you can only weight your top three salmon and one trout species 4. Heaviest fish out of your weighed fish breaks all ties. 5. Notice will be given by 4:00pm the day of, if fishing is cancelled. Dates will only be cancelled due to weather/waves (wave cutoff will be for a forecast of 1-3 feet and expected to build). If you miss a date your money will not be refunded. Substitutions are OK if you are unable to make a date. Please have substitutes notify Tournament Control before take off. 6. If unexpected weather waves move in and a event that is already underway must be called off that event will only count if called after 8pm. If called before 8pm rule 7 will apply to that event. 7. If a date is cancelled due to the weather/waves the pot will be added to the next fish date. If this final date is cancelled it will be made up the following week 8. Take off will be from within 100 yards of the north break wall over the radio on channel 72. If you are late go ahead and fish. 9. You must check in at the weigh in site (DNR Fish cleaning Station) by 10:15pm. Tournament Control has the official time. Check it before leaving. It is each boats responsibility to be checked in at the tournament table by the cleaning station by 10:15pm with Tournament Control. Those failing to do so for any reason will be disqualified for that event, No excuses. 10. This is an AMATEUR ONLY EVENT. This means NO charter captains, and NO charter boats past or present, and no one who has been a first mate in the last 5 years, are to participate. Violation of this rule will result in immediate disqualification for the rest of the season. 11. All tournament participants are encouraged to notify tournament control of possible violation of ANY rule for review by tournament board members. Please Email me with questions or to signup at [email protected]
  7. Hey Dave, I run the 3+1 tournament series out of holland. There is a section for this league under the tournaments section. Shoot me a message if you have any questions.
  8. Managed 4/6 tonight, 160-180FOW NNE troll. 1) Rigger 105 down with Silver Streak Superscrew 50' behind ball. 2) Fishscale UV 11" paddle with Rapture UV oceana fly wire diver 1.5 255 feet back took 4 hits. 3) Same paddle fly as #2 on rigger 125 down.
  9. It was great to finally get the season underway after some windy conditions and a cancelation the first week. Congratulations to team "Spring Fever" on their first place finish, and Team "Sidetracked" on second place, and Team "Long Lines" on bringing in big fish. Looking forward to the next event on July 26!
  10. Final reminder. Metting and signup is tomorrow. Hope to see you there!
  11. Hey everyone, just a reminder that the season is just around the corner. Many of you have expressed interest in this league and I can't wait to get started. Our captains meeting is on May 9 at the Grand Villa Restaurant in Grandville at 7pm. We have reserved one of there rooms in the back. Hope you all can make it that night for the meeting and pay your dues for the year then. This night is the deadline for signup and payment. If you cannot make the meeting (not mandatory) please get ahold of me either by private message on here or at [email protected] to make arrangements. This meeting is a great time of fellowship, a good way to ask questions, and a sure way of making sure you are up to speed on all the rules. Please let me know if you are planning to attend and how many from your boat will be with you so we can give the restaurant approximate numbers. The meeting is open to all crew members. To view the rules see previous thread here... http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/forums/showthread.php?t=25443 P.S. The food/drinks at the Grand Villa are great, bring your appetite! Your bill is your responsibility, I would love to buy but I'm a broke grad student.
  12. I've heard reports of good size fish being caught in 180 FOW 150-bottom down.
  13. Because of your comment about being God's will, remember this is God's will as well... Psalm 34:17-18 17 The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles. 18 The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Hang in there!
  14. Where were you fishing? We fished this morning and only managed 2 small cohos.
  15. Gonna give fishing down there a try for the first time this afternoon. What is the limit down there? I tried to look it up on the DRN website and kept running in circles.
  16. Mono can be used, It's called the willis knot.
  17. Don't worry about buying a whole spool to start with. Take it to any tackle shop and you can have then spool one up for you with the correct amount of backer and leader all tied up and ready to fish.
  18. http://www.fox17online.com/news/fox17-cabelas-announces-plans-for-a-grandville-store-20120216,0,6876626.story
  19. Simply awesome. Looks huge for a 22 footer. Nice rig!
  20. One of favorite dinners at a local restaurant is fried whitfish so I wanted to try catching a few of my own this summer. I have three questions. 1) Are they around holland 2) If so are they safe to eat? 3) How would you go about catching them?
  21. Rob, I think there's a good chance that you have my old boat! I think we've talked before on another site. Anyway, if your the same guy, the alternator shouldn't be that old. Not sure how long they last but I think that alternator is probably only about 6 years old. We had to replace it while on a Chain-0-Lakes trip.
  22. Erik, we pulled lines every event last years between 9:00 and 9:15 since I had to be back early to set up the scale and stuff and never had an issue. An hour should be about right on the money. By the last three events it's starting to get pretty dark by 9:15 or so anyway. You'll feel it out the first night. Event 1 is a learning curve.
  23. Just a thought, tell me if i'm way off here. Since the dive angle of copper is greater than lead couldn't you technically run any length lead outside of the copper and have no problems? since lead doesn't sink as fast it should swing over just fine even if longer. We consistently ran a core.5 outside of a 300' 45# copper on my friends boat last year with no problems. Perhaps we were just lucky.
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