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  1. I have a smaller boat and only have room for 2. But my buddy had 4 on his boat for a long time a couple yrs ago when making some upgrades he removed 2 in center ( all 4 direct mounted) and placed a 4' piece of track in the center and runs 3 now most of the time but only takes a minute to slide it over and add the 4th back in.
  2. We use the church walleye boards and pull a 300' copper with a large paddle and meat rig. Move the weight forward as Buster said and no issues. Good Fishing, Troy
  3. That sound like a great program thanks for posting, Does Lowrance already have a list of the Advantage certified dealers?? Good Fishing, Troy
  4. Sure sound like you guys put a whooping on em. Nothing like that chaos when you get everything right!!! Good Fishing, Troy
  5. Congrats on the achievement Matt Good Fishing, Troy
  6. Another vote for mags on 1 on wire, reg on 3 for braid. And just as JIMBOBBER said if your wire/low diver is already deployed make sure you get the braid/high to the ouside/in front of the wire/low or if braided diver is already deployed set your wire diver inside/behind the braided diver. But just as important is to make sure that you dont let them out to fast this may be where your tangles are coming from. Most guys get them started and leave the drag loose so they creep out.
  7. Well thinking back to some of the happenings of this year I would say to check all of your safety equipment. Replacing any expired flares,extinguishers and such. Maybe adding a ditch bag if you don't already have one. It seems like the one thing so many of us have found it so easy to compromise on or to put off spending money on in the past. Reading Dave Mulls story earlier this year has made my decision to upgrade and make some additions to my own safety stuff for the upcoming season. Good Fishing, Troy
  8. My buddy uses an old line spool and does what SEACAT is talking about, just hooking the snaps together as you wind them on and then hook a rubber band in the snap on the end of the last one and pop it over the spool. It works good and doesn't seem to put any coil(memory) in the line. Good Fishing, Troy
  9. I also read this when it was first posted in July.It makes me shudder as much now as it did then. Your experience has really enlightened alot of people of how little time there really is to react if somethng bad should happen. I think it has also reminded us of how poorly prepared so many of us are or have been in the past. Was so glad that your story ended well for everyone involved Thank You Dave for sharing your story again and educating all of us. Good Fishing, Troy
  10. Frank, I am going to check the vacation calendar at work and see what days might be available and then I will contact you to see what of those dates might work for you. It would be awesome to get out with you Good Fishing, Troy
  11. Ok so I have this dream all the time about being able to go fishing all the time , and catch lots of fish, and have good times with friends new and old....oh wait a minute Frank is already living that dream HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just Kiddin Frank, I hope one of these days I can get over and meet up face to face and see exactly how the master does it. Good Fishing, Troy
  12. Varies from morning to evening but most times we are setting riggers and divers at the same time I usually get the riggers center (probe) first then to the starboard by this time by buddy has a port diver going, then port rigger at same time as starboard diver, provided we haven't had a hit yet. 5 lines in pretty darn quick. Then depending on how many lines we can run / Boat traffic as to what goes next. Most mornings we won't put any birds out until after daylight and traffic thins out some. I really like the idea of letting the long lines out under higher speed. I think we'll give that a try the next evening trip. Good Fishing, Troy
  13. Frank, that is just AWESOME!!!!!! It is so cool that you are able to take some folks out to enjoy the wonderful resources available to us here. It is because of men like Elmer G. and so many others who have served our country that we have these things available to us. It does give you a great feeling when you can share the things you love to do with others who may not have the opportunity to experience them otherwise. You're a great guy Frank, I hope to be able to give back like this at some point in the future. Good Fishing, Troy
  14. Good job Tony, It sounds like you are making great use of that new ride!!
  15. Frank, your program is so HOT right now I can feel the heat clear over here!!!! Now that graduation stuff is all done I can get off of house arrest and come back over to try the eye game again. Hoping next weekend I am chained to the phone for work this weekend. Great job as always Frank keep it up. Good Fishing, Troy
  16. We run 2 divers per side very often. Mag with ring on 1 1/2 on wire for low diver and regular with ring on 3 on braid for high diver. Usually run the high divers 20-30' longer than low divers and never have any issues. Sly- yes low diver closest to stern high diver forward of low. Good Fishing, Troy
  17. Gotta love it. Frank just keeps bringin the hurt to the ol' marble eyes!!! Great Job Frank!!! Good Fishing, Troy
  18. Very sorry to hear this.Thoughts and prayers go out for his family and friends. R.I.P JRSoup
  19. Thanks for the report, hoping it stays hot. Its gonna be a couple of weeks before I can get back over to try my luck again. Good Fishing, Troy
  20. Awesome Frank looks like you completed the THREEPEAT!!!!! and made some great memories with the family . Nothing better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Fishing, Troy
  21. Nicely done Frank, I hope you and the grand kids can make out tomorrow and make it a threepeat.... Good Fishing, Troy
  22. Frank, way to get after em. thanks for the info Good Fishing, Troy
  23. Way to get work done Captain Mike, thanks for another great report. Good Fishing, Troy
  24. Way to get after em Frank keep up the good work Good Fishing, Troy
  25. Thanks for the report Capt. Mike. I am hoping to get back over this weekend but not sure it will work out. Good Fishing, Troy
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