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  1. There are some visual defects in the glass in certain places, but they have been there ever since I bought the boat. Never been an issue for me. The bow, where it rests on the front roller, has some glass damage due to the roller drying out and breaking during towing one time. Again, never been a problem. As far as the transom, I've never had any issues, but I also don't know what I'd be looking for. All in all, this has been a fantastic boat! Only selling it because I don't have the time to fish like I used to.
  2. Boat is still available. $5600
  3. Motor is an OMC Cobra, 5.0L, 230 HP. Motor has always ran great. Just replaced the alternator last year. Prop is in good shape. Not sure how many hours are on it. I bought it used and have at most put 100 hours on it. I had the out drive replaced last spring (2014) with a used/rebuilt 1993 unit that the marina had. The gimble bearing was still in good shape and was greased before the new outdrive was installed. There is a back curtain to enclose the cockpit area. I don't remember the last time I actually had it on, its been folded up and in the cuddy. May need a little button/snap maintenance, but I believe it is in decent shape. I can look next time I get a chance. Boat does have a cuddy. We've mainly used it for storage, no head. The cushions are getting close to needed recovered. At one point the bow hatch had a leak, so there are some water stains on the covers. We've since pulled the hatch out, cleaned, resealed, and re-installed it. Replaced the seal gasket on the hatch also. It requires some general maintenance every year with applying new caulk around it. There are two bilge pumps, on under the cuddy floor and one in the engine compartment. Blower, trim tabs, driver side wiper, lights in the cockpit and in the cuddy. The horn needs replaced. Don't know exactly what to tell you on fuel consumption. Never really monitored it enough to give exacts. It has a 110 gal tank and we usually kept it between 1/4-1/2 tank. I know if we ran out 10 miles or so, fished all day and ran back in it would use roughly a 1/4 tank. If you're just trolling out of the harbor and not running much, you don't notice much usage. Top speed is roughly mid 30's, cruise mid to upper 20's. Has trim tabs, work great for keeping the boat balanced. Boat is around 3600 lbs. It trailers very well and with the brakes, it doesn't beat the truck up too bad. Loads and unloads very smoothly with the roller bunks. I personally have loved fishing out of this boat. I own it jointly with my brother and we've just had too much going on in our day to day lives to get out on the lake as much as we'd like to. I owned a 21' Trophy prior to this one and it was a no brainer for me to purchase this when we did. Lots of fishing room and very solid in the water. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
  4. Price dropped to $5800 I'm willing to deliver the boat for a small fee, based on distance.
  5. How does this run with just a 90 HP motor? I'm guessing its a 2 stroke? Seems like the boat would be very under powered. Very nice boat otherwise, and a great price!
  6. FOR SALE: 1985 Bayliner Trophy 2450. This has been a fantastic boat for my brother and I, however, we just haven't had the time to use it this season, and feel it would be better off going to a new captain. We have taken very good care of this vessel, with upgrades to the throttle/shift control systems, lower unit, and electronics in the last 3 years. All routine maintenance has been performed religiously, and winterization has been completed professionally by Starboard Choice Marine in Mishawaka, IN. The boat rides on a dual axle, easy loading trailer that has been equipped this season with new surge trailer brakes. The purchaser of this boat will also receive all four downriggers/downrigger balls, all electronics (brand new Lowrance Elite 7 graph/GPS, professionally installed in 2014; stereo with Bluetooth capability; marine radio), fish cooler, and some rods, baits and fishing equipment. Lots of fishing space in the back of this boat, and comfortably fishes with 4-6 people in the boat. Asking $6,500. Located in South Bend, Indiana. If you're interested in this boat, feel free to private message me (Kevin) with any questions. Thanks a lot for taking a moment to read our ad. Feel free to spread the word about this great boat! http://s296.photobucket.com/user/fudderly/library/Big%20Boat
  7. Has anyone been out New Buffalo or St. Joe since the weather change? Been pondering the idea if an evening trip today. Any guidelines to what depths to start at would be great. Thanks all!
  8. Sounds like a great evening trip. Nice job and thanks for the report.
  9. I have a 25' Trophy and have been told I could launch there. Only place I've heard of issues is just outside the ramp area. Like Rudey said, a little common sense and you should be fine. There have been some decent reports from Gary Light, down west of the ditch. It can get crowded very quickly and if you haven't fished it before, approach slowly and figure out the flow of all the boats. They pretty much run a circle, never fun when someone tries to go their own way in there. Good Luck! Kevin
  10. I had heard from others that there are areas between the launch and the bridge that are down to about 2'. I haven't personally been there, just what I've heard. MC is waiting on a permit, but do have plans to dredge and fix the launches at Washington Park. That's great if you want to pay $10 to launch and another $10 for parking...
  11. From the New Buffalo city website: http://www.cityofnewbuffalo.org 2013 DREDGING WORK OUT FOR BID Bid notices are available for dredging the Federal Navigation Channel and the Launch Access Channel. Federal Navigation Channel bids are due March 28, 2013, at 3:00 PM, and the Launch Access Channel bids are due April 9, 2013, at 3:00 PM, both at the City Clerk's Office, 224 W Buffalo St, New Buffalo, MI. In case you missed it, New Buffalo's harbor dredging situation is featured in the USA TODAY story "Low water levels bedevil Great Lakes harbors." Trail Creek in Michigan City is very bad between Trail Creek Marina and the Swing Bridge. Not sure if there are plans for dredging yet.
  12. Welcome aboard, Ron! What port do you fish out of?
  13. I had some manual Rivieras on my first 2 boats. I prefer them over any manual out there. Never used the electrics but can't imagine they'd be any different from the manuals quality wise. Anything but big jons in my opinion.
  14. I've never personally done but had a lot of people I know on the big pond swear by it.
  15. Mix a spray bottle half and half with listerine and water. Spray it around. Works pretty good and it washes right off your hands, baits, and line if you get it on them.
  16. I appreciate the help Sherman. I'm still not for sure whats going on. My brother had the boat out Tuesday and didn't have any problems at all. It seems to be a random thing, usually happens when the boat sits for a week or so. I've done mercruiser pumps before and they are pretty simple like you said. The cobra makes the mercruiser seem like a lot of work. All you do is pull a simple cover plate and its right there, no dropping the lower unit. I'm thinking I'm going to change my thermostat out. I'm not for sure that's the problem, but I know it is something that I haven't replaced since I bought the boat. I'll at least eliminate the possibility. Thanks again to everyone.
  17. 2 Weeks ago, I was at Erie and we launched the boat got it running and put it in a slip. I left it running in the slip while I went and put some rain gear on and got some things around. When I got back to the boat it was maxed on the temp gauge. Once it cooled I was able to get it running and get the water to start pumping again. Never had another problem the rest of the weekend. Sunday was the first I had run it(other than with muffs) since coming back from Erie. Started it and the temp started climbing again. Shut it down and as I said originally above, pulled the cooling line to check for water flow. Didn't get it till I rev it. When I go back to an idle it still pumps, I managed to troll all afternoon Sunday with no issues. It still pumps after shutting off and back on. Just seems it needs a little persuasion to first get primed. Larry-I did check to see if all the fins were running the correct direction.
  18. We put a new impeller in last fall. I've pulled it and it still looks to be in good shape. Its cheap and worth a try though.
  19. I've got a I/O OMC 5L V8 with a Cobra outdrive. Had the issue with it not getting water when we first start it after launching. I can run it with ears with no problem. I've pulled a cooling line at start up and it doesn't start to pump water until I run the RPM's up. Just reaching out to see if there may be a simple fix for this before I take it in. Any and all suggestions and comments would be great. Thanks!
  20. Got a late start out of New Buffalo Sunday around 9am. Took a 330 heading out of the mouth and sat down at 90FOW. Had a king in the boat before we ever got the second rod set. Kavorkian mag spoon down 70 on a rigger. Got the rest of my lines set and trolled in/out from 90 to 135. Best depth was 110-120. Ended up 8 for 9 with 2 Ho's, 5 kings and a laker. Best baits were the mag Kavorkian on rigger and D/F on a dipsy(2 setting) back 75. Purples worked best for me today, never got a hit on any green, blue or orange. Kids had a blast
  21. Anyone get out yesterday or this morning (4/27)? Leaving South Bend first thing in the morning heading to Turtle Creek. Any reports would be helpful!
  22. I'm heading to Erie this weekend to fish Saturday and Sunday. I'm staying/launching at Turtle Creek Marina in Oak Harbor, OH. Any suggestions on where to start? I would prefer to jig or drift spinners rather than troll. I've heard a couple good things about Locust and Crib Reefs...Your thoughts?
  23. I'm not sure how the law actually reads on this situation, but if anything it's one more limit you can put in the cooler!
  24. Thanks for the report, Jim. I'll be heading there this weekend for some walleye action. If you happen to make it out this week at all, I'd greatly appreciate an updated report. I'll be coming out of the Turtle Creek area and will be targeting the cans and reefs, any info helps!
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