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  1. Is the salmon season over on lake Michigan? Have been trying to get over there to fish but on the free weekends the weather has not helped.

  2. Anyone heading out of st.joe this weekend......weather maybe an issue?
  3. Fished out of Holland on the eve of the 24th and the morning of 25th.....very slow action. Went 1/1 on friday and skunked on Saturday morning....lotts of boats though between 100-130 fow. So slow that i can't remember what the loner fish hit on...Oh well it was still better than being in the office. And yes the catfish story was the highlight of the day.
  4. seems most people are fishing holland...or not too many members out of SJ
  5. Thanks Dave for the info.........now i am just wondering if I should fish Holland instead of SJ this friday....what depth were you fishing in?
  6. what channel do you monitor......maybe check-in Friday to see how your luck has been
  7. Looking forward to a great day on the water if the weather holds true......Are you heading out Fri or Sat?
  8. I was planning on fishing out of saint joe this Friday.....but if the reports change my mind I may fish out of south haven
  9. ok.... taking the day off and just wondering who else might be out there
  10. Thanks for the Information.....I will keep an eye on the st.joe reports. I plan on getting out next Friday if the weather managable.
  11. Thanks For the information, recently moved back to Michigan and have been away from the salmon Action for about 8 years .....so trying to catch up Thanks again
  12. Looking to fish out of St. Joe on Friday any help hints would be great.....thanks

  13. Looking to get in on the spring action next weekend. Any tips would be helpful, coming from the east side of the state and I have not been out of St. joe in a number of years. should I head west out of the river until I reach a certain depth etc? What depth should I target, and what colors seem to work the best. Anyone using meat rigs? Thanks for your help
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