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  1. you may want too consider changing out 1 or 2 of your divers,test this past summer showed no difference in depth on wire and braid dips they run the same depths in any condition of water,tests were done with the smart troll.
  2. Sounds like what a lot of my friends run in the morning starting out on the bank,one will run 4 riggers 2 dips a side and one board aside when they make there first pass,once they move off the bank they start adding there boards with 150,200,250 and full cores of copper depending on were the fish are. P.M. pioneer or hazard,they both fish the bank.
  3. fished the full moon Saturday night we started at the clay banks and trolled south 6 to 7 miles,could not get them going north,1.5 to 1.7 at the ball 90 to 110 fow was the best,fished the top 15 fow water, 1/2 3/4 oz flat lines and 60 ft and 90 ft coppers,torpedo diver cuda with 35 ft of line out.moonshine RV Oscar,blue jeans,green jeans and honey pot.blue glow and latter backs,ended up with 8 kings 6 hos and a laker. sunday night it took us a while to find the fish and the auto pilot doesn't work well going reel slow which caused a crazy Ivan,fished south again, 1.0 to 1.3 at the ball seem to work the best,moonshine spoons blue jackal,RV hold out and R V dancing anchovy,fished 45 to 55 fow. Ran 60 90 120 and 150 coppers with torpedo set at 55 ft of line out.blue glows and dots.End up with 9 fish 5 kings,3 hos and a laker. what was interesting was of the 10 smaller kings we caught 9 of them were wild,all the cohos we caught were stuffed with bait and all the kings stomachs were empty.
  4. http://www.coastalnightlights.com/aboutus.html
  5. Nailer We ran it last year,and if it is the same stuff Gregg sent to me,it appears to be thicker in diameter with less twist,so its very pliable,I'm not sure how deep it was running,but running it side buy side with the regular 45lb copper with the same spoons off of the church walleye boards the 60lb stuff pulls the board back quite a bit more than the 45bl, which makes me think its running deeper,ill know for certain this spring when i put the smart troll probes on it. My thinking was the same as yours about being able to get our lures down deeper when the water warmed up. WE ran it on a 55 convector with 900 ft of 50lb pp,and it fits fine,if you dont use shrink tube on your haywire twists you'll have trouble getting it threw your line guild,it tends to bunch up as all copper will. Again I'm not sure if its the same stuff as Gregg sent me last spring,I was told they would be testing it this year ,I'm sure Gregg will correct me if I'm wrong. Tony
  6. Talked with darell from smart troll and this is what he told me about the unit it self. · If the Probe is used in-line there are no additional knots in the line because the Probe comes hanging on a 175 lb stainless wire that passes through the eyelets. One end has a loop and the other a swivel…so you disconnect the main line and connect the loop into the swivel that is already on the main line and you connect the leader line (diver…or Jet…etc) onto the swivel that is on the back end of the Probe. · Torpedo Divers is in the process of making snap-swivels that clip around the line with a rubber insert that squeezes the line. With that…the Smart Troll Probe can be clipped anywhere along the length of the line. Similar to how a Torpedo Diver might be attached but even more secure. · If some are really worried about losing a Probe then they could use them ONLY on a downrigger cable (similar to how other systems are used). The advantage is that the Probe is far smaller so it has much less blow-back and you could use up to 6 different Probes on 6 different downriggers all at the same time. · The Probe is only ½” diameter and less than 4” long so the drag and length of line it adds to the setup is almost negligible Tony
  7. http://www.glerl.noaa.gov/data/now/wlevels/dbd/ this shows how much the water has drop over the past few years.
  8. hi dave,could you send me your phone number,I lost the old one,thanks hope things are well with you and your family. tony castle 651-442-1718

  9. Nail knot,go to fishdoctorcharters.com and click on video tips and then go to backing to wire tips.
  10. 45lb swivels for flashers and 30lbs for spoons and plugs.
  11. like your avatar

  12. haywire twist,and 50lb spro size 8, 80 lb wont fit through some eyelets.
  13. fished from 12:00 to 8:00 drop lines at 290 fow fished out to 525 fow 0/1 first 4 hrs,pull lines ran back into 150 fow, found fish on NE troll in 190 to 230 fow ended up 7/13. riggers dn 95 swr and 130,450 and 300 cooper with shark torpedo diver had 10 0f the 13 bites,moonshine crab face,rocket power and pro king squid green and white was good for kings and tangerine tiger for bows,1.5 to 1.7 at the ball
  14. Sherman sorry to hear about your brother and friend passing,Ive had a similar year as yours as far as boats are concerned. I bought a new to me CC 25 last year with 50 hours on a rebuild engine, had a bunch of work done on it over the winter with electronics and rigging,fished the mechanics port for the first five weeks of the season and then drove up to my port the end of may and pulled into my slip and got stuck two feet from my dock ,couldn't move the boat,lift up the engine and pull the boat in,didn't even need to tie it up if I wanted to,the harbor filled in with silt and mud over the winter,made arrangements to dock my boat on the river until they came up with a solution,took the boat out the next day and about two miles out the alarms start sounding and smoke is filling the cabin,shut the Eng off and trolled in on the kicker,blew the engine,the screen filled with mud and baired the temp gage,had the engine replace 10000,and fought with the mechanic all summer about it not running right and electrical issues,final gave him an ultimatum to fix it,so he pulls the boat from my slip and leaves it on the side of his shop while he gos on vacation for 9 days and the boat gets broken into and they clean me out of 41 reels and spoon boxes flys,flashers and plugs about 8000 in stuff,I ask his employ why they didn't put in the yard and he said they would of claimed over the fence,why didn't you put it in your shop,there was a boat in there and ask about the other 8000 feet,it really proves you cant fix stupid. I like your attitude Sherman,and choose to look at the positives as well,I had allot of guys offer me there boat to use and more guys offering to take me fishing,they caught the guys that broke into the boat and in the end its just a boat there's so much more to life. Hope next year gos well for you Tony
  15. we run a wire dn rigger rod with a jr pump handle rod and a 60 mono lead using a nail knot,you could add a mono lead and attach to any release.
  16. Here is a good site for the moon, http://www.solunarforecast.com/solunarforecast.aspx type in your zip code for the area you will be fishing,you want to fish the major times 3 days before and after,like just hookn said thats when the gravity is at its strongest,we mainly fish with moonshine spoons at night and will only glow them about 50%,we pull are dips and use torpedo divers and long lines,we add sent to all are spoons and catch most r fish going 1.2 to 1.8,you can play with your speed,once we find the angle and speed and the pattern on the spoon will add more of them,its not uncommon to have 4 bloody noses and 4 hot lips out at the end of the night,most are fish caught at night are in the top 1/3 of the water col,we match the spoon size to the bait before we go out and were the fish were biting at and start there. Hope this helps Tony
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