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  1. Thanks for the report. Heard anything out of caseville? I'm heading there this afternoon.
  2. I've had all kinds of trouble with the tx44 board. I've played with Mainiac mods a little and I'm going to go a step further. With my offshore boards its pretty rare for it too dive and when it does it usually pops right back up. The tx44 board is a different story. With my offshore boards I have did the homebrew tattle tale mod and use the snapper release for walleye's.
  3. I run wire with dipsy rods and a twilli tip. No problems so far with the guides. I buy 1000 feet and then split it between two. Big thing is keep it tight when spooling up because any slack and you have a rats nest. I use torpedo 7 strand 30lb. I like to check the first 200 feet every couple of trips for abrasion, kinks etc. This winter i'm switching up to blood run tackle trolling wire for something different. I have their copper and its awesome.
  4. Or is the first numbers after the degrees.
  5. Oh this is a newbie question and its been answered before but I couldn't find it. I'm using one of captains chucks reports for example. What numbers do they use in the reports, like 34's to the 40's and 49's to the 15's out of ludington. Is it the last 2 numbers in the cordinates? I've got google earth up and trying to figure it out.
  6. Yea Tuesday night at ludington we didn't do nothing. Wednesday morning we went 2/4 at manistee in 180 and Wednesday night we went 1/2 at north point Didn't see many fish being caught. Might run back up there if the fishing improves by sunday night. Some guys at the launch in manistee said they did very well couple of weekends ago.
  7. 6-4 we went out of sunset and picked up a 3 man limit with purple and green in 16 ft of water, yesterday we didn't do worth of crap. Didn't hit the water till 10 and fished for about 6 hours. Picked up 3 and two 10lb cats, loosing number 4 at the boat.
  8. Oh yea I care. Its on my list of get things done over the winter. I've read about the tinsel strand mylar before but without seeing it wasn't sure if it was what I wanted. I'll get some over the winter and try it out. Thanks
  9. I bought some from siggs but it wasn't as fine of material. Trying to find something finer like what dreamweaver and raptor uses.
  10. Haha well thats what you get for getting up at 3am and fishing hard....wrong forum! Meant to put it under the fishing reports.
  11. Took my dad today out of Manistee. Went 2/5 in the morning before the storm came, then returned at lunch and went 3/3 till it got bumpy. All of our fish came on a north troll, 140 foot of water. Wire dipsy 180 back with blue sd/blue fly and mountain dew sd/ green fly. Did pick one up on 7 core with silver j plug and one on a rigger with a flounder lber. 2 20lbers, 1 18 lber, 1 15lber and one jack. That was my first time out of manistee and I like it. Nice facility's, quick trip to the water and quick to deep water.
  12. Awesome man! You were just pulling out friday when we were heading out. Its hot over there thats for sure.
  13. I burn anywhere from 12 to 15 gallons in a 19ft alumacraft with a 150. If I can get a little 1 or 2 foot roller it burns less. Thats usually fishing 10 hours or so. Figure a little 9.9 4 stroker will save me at least 10 gallons or better. When I go too the bay I run my bowmount and maybe burn 3 or 4 gallons.
  14. here is a write up on it. http://alantani.com/index.php?topic=774.0
  15. I've used them on a couple of different boats. Currently on a 19ft aluminum with a 150. They work well, the only trouble i've found is trying to find a good place for the cord. I picked the current one up off of craigslist for 35.
  16. Are you going too have some of your tying materials at the show?
  17. Before you mount that transducer you can send it too humminbird and exchange it for an upgraded transducer. Last year I got the 788c and did the exchange for the side view.
  18. Thanks. Yea I'm feeling it today. I did the best just north between the nets.
  19. Went out of muskegon yesterday at 6, being a newbie it was going to be total experimentation and work on the water currents and temps. Started at 50ft and worked out. Went 5 for 7 on a solo rigger 40 down in 60 ft green dolphin took 1 steelhead and 1 coho 5 core with green dolphin took a nice 10lb steelhead rigger 60 down in 80 pink slider took the coho #1 braid dipsy mag ring 200 back in 80 took a 20lb silver female king loaded with eggs ?? I think i'm starting to get it... a little.
  20. I've been fishing mostly out of Muskegon or Whitehall. Its a straight shot for me, usually takes a couple of hours to get there and havn't ran into much traffic.
  21. First post here, been sneaking around reading all the great info on this site for a while now. Made three trips too the big lake this year and getting better and better. 1 for 1, 1 for 2, and finally 2 for 4 losing a nice fish yesterday I bought some rods from a Mr. Mike Heckman and he turned me onto this site. Thank you Mike!! Its a great site with a lot of people willing too help newbies and just sharing knowledge they have gained over the years. Okay enough of the intro....got too go researching dipseys! haha Thanks guys!
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