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  1. going to be a sharp looking rig Nice work Strik
  2. i aslo have a excal no issues at all love how basic it is i had the horton at first and it seemed the cams were messed up on it one shot right on then the next 4 ich appart was told the cam was sticking not sure Have had the excal for three yeas now no issues sighting it in but havent seen a deer yet but i cant say that the bow issue Excal had a site with a fourm on it you will be able to get more info if you need it Best of luck l
  3. Thanks to all for the help sorry if i took over the thread that was not what i was trying to do Thanks :thumb:
  4. can someone explane to me how one finds the thermocline whith a fish finder? :( I just recived the hsd 5 and was wondering if somone can direct me on how to find the thermocline using this unit. In past yeas i would just have fish id on and see what it did but this year i want to play a lot more with the finder. Any other advice i can get using the hds5 would be great Thanks
  5. You get what you pay for.. Like said above do not ues preassure treated wood.. If you seal the wood it will be fine but if water ever found it`s way in the seams you will wish you had spent the money on the marine ply it cost more for a good reason. Like any good wood project it`s all in the planing Best of luck Strik
  6. walkers are top for me love how steady they are over ten years no issues with them. Have used cannon however they were old so cant realy compair Have two big johns hate the flex in them also have had issues with the counters but they were on the boat when i got it and they will work I wish the walker would improve the rod holders this year i`m going to try to put a pair of big john rod holders on my walkers
  7. Hey welcome Im new as well great site lots of good imfo Where do you fish out of ??? Best of luck Strik
  8. Hey thanks I was running a small lead like 3 to 4 feet. Always spoons never a flasher Used the walker deeper diver was using a dispy but found it would not track right. Seemed the walker was running right i know my lead was way to short i have 9 foot rod and will try the longest lead i can. I never ran that much line maybe 150 to 190 out . I have learned a lot on this site and have some ideas on what to change longer leads and more line out. Not many people seem to run flys around here but am willing to give it a try. Any tips you have would be great Thanks Strik
  9. she might be onto somethig. Could be the hottest thing in the box. let us know how you make out I have never had luck with a pink spoon:o but then again the wife does not shop often with me. Best of Luck Strik
  10. had the dispy out ever time caught nothing lol but it was better then the drop curtain never used once This year i have to get one on the dam dispy lol Best of Luck to all Strik Please no more snow just got another 4 inches last night cant win
  11. now that be funny... when no one looking and it is slow let the pole stand stright up walk way then yelll fish on :lol: I know a dirty trick but fun untill your fishing parnter gets you on the same trick I cant wait until this snow melts off the boat. We got about 2`` of snow this moring i thought it was to rain all day:confused: It will not be long Strik
  12. Hey guys thanks so much i fish only salmon on Lake Huron and G Bay. Can`t waite to try some of this stuff out. I see many people uses flys on this board. Around here many people use spoons and cut bait. I`m deffentaly going to run a dispy, flasher, fly love to see how it works. One other question can you run 10 colour lead off a inline board??????????? Thanks for a great site and helping me out Strik
  13. had to pick the silver fox it`s been number one for us for years Best of Luck Strik
  14. Hey guys/girls i need help. I`m looking at getting a in-line planer board never used or seen one used. I was wondering what to get with so much on the market i dont want to get into junk. Also how does one know when you have a hit ? Any tips on running one. Have used the dispy and walker deeper dive but have yet to have a fish on either [thinking my lead was to short] this year im going to try longer leads. I will be attending the show in toronto and would like a heads up on the board im looking for. Thanks Strik
  15. i have to agree i just got out the power aurger ice is getting to thick for the hand one. On a good note i think i`m heading out to deep water for white fish this weekend Enjoy the fishing it must be nice to be back in the boat nice pics strik:thumb:
  16. Be nice to hit the water 3rd week of april.. Thinking speed and temp at the ball to go with the new hds-5. Best of luck all Strik
  17. love it ... Do you travel love to see you in Lake huron
  18. Hey Guys i just figured out why everyone saying "Ken" How do i change that... Real name is Kev sorry my computer skills are as good as my fishing skills lol hopefully i can improve on one of the while being a member of this site.. Thanks for all the warm welcomes Priority 1 i knew i shound have went with the 20 foot attena in stead of the 4 for the vhf Best of luck all Kev (striker )
  19. Hello all and thanks for having me I fish Lake Huron and Georgian Bay areas out of Ontario I had a 14 foot boat but have just upgraded to a 19.5 sea nymph last season hoping i do have the bugs worked out and can get some fish in the boat this year we shall see. Recived a new finder/gps (hds-5) for the boat and thinking about gettin a seed and temp. I work as a carpenter in Southern Ontario. I will try to contrubuite to the site where i can but i will say my knowlage is neill but maby i can help out some how Best of Luck to all Kev ( striker )
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