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  1. Thats a hell of a project good luck and good for you, standing by the old girl like that instead of trading her in. You gotta dance with the one who brung ya'...
  2. Aside of from Ice Fishing, anyone have any cool winter boat or fishing projects going on? I am looking into chaging the seating in the boat and going from the back to back lounge seats to two captains chairs. I will also be making some more coho flies. Aside from that I will be ice fishing and working as much overtime as I can so in the summer, I can work undertime!
  3. I fish Connvectors and LOVE them. For the price they are a solid reel. I am picking up some Clarions over the winter for my copper and full color set ups.
  4. Thanks everyone for their input... Sorry I didn't post earlier but for my downriggers I use 7' Ugly Sticks size, BWD1131 (6-17LB Line). I prefer the smaller rods because you can really load that puppy up so when she pops, she really pops. Plus I really like fighting fish on smaller rods, all my leadcore rods are 7' as well. I think I might be moving to ugly sticks this year, I really like the quality and reputation of the rods.
  5. In the off season I am going to up grade some rods and I was curious as to what you guys use. For downriggers I use 7' ugly sticks, for leadcore I use 7' Okuma Leadcore rods, for dipsys I use 8' Pinancle rods, and I used TDR's for copper. Just because I am wierd I want a uniform spread, I am selling all my reels that are not Connvectors just so I can have all one kind, with the exception of some Clarions for copper and a 10 color. Your thoughts, what kind of rods do you guys use/recommend...
  6. Congrats on the good year, next year were defintely going to have to get some fishing in together. You also dont need a boat to get in some big lake fishing in the winter. I ice fish the summerfest lagoon.
  7. Another beautiful day on the water and another limit. Fished with a crew today so after 5 boxed we got to keep going. Riggers seem to be the hot ticket. Had a couple doubles including a double on dipsys. Braided Dipsy set 240 LOC, Mono at 265 LOC. Riggers down 75’, 135’ (2 clr SWR), 65’ (3 clr SWR) and 100’. Worked 180-250 FOW. Really had to work hard for the last couple mixed in a lot of turns and has fish strike on the turn, noticed it was on the slow side. Speed at the ball was 1.9-2.2, temp was 59 surface, 56 down 75’. Ran 3 Flasher/Flys and 3 Pro King Rotten Banana Raspberry Ladder-back spoons. No sense in trying to reinvent the wheel might as well give them what they want. Very thankful for the weather, this is truly awesome. Had a great day, didn’t filet my finger again, nothing was broken either (knock on wood) Will be back at it tomorrow and possibly Sunday for the last trip of the year. If you can get out there and catch some fish!
  8. Solo trip head due east of the main gap, then worked northeast. Concentrated 75-100 down in 205-240 FOW. Rotten Bannana Pro King 1-3, Howie Aqua Frog with MTN Dew Hot Spot 2-2, Sigs Rig Green/White Fly with MTN Dew Spin Doctor 2-2. The bad luck bug struck again as another rod tip snapped and I spent an hour un-f'ing a down rigger cable. I bought fancy reels but have been using cheap poles which are breaking down on me. Couple more days left in the season and have no complaints. Who would have thunk that in the first week of October I'd be fishing flat calm waters in shorts and a Brewers Central Divison Champion T Shirt! Go Brewers and calm winds.
  9. Welcome to the board, what are your thoughts on using torpedos to clear out the jack wagons who bock the gaps in the spring and fall.
  10. Saturday normal shift and sunday I am working the brewers game. Sunday might still be a little rough. Monday high of 73, you know where you'll be able to find me!
  11. Wanted to get out before Hurricane “Take Off Der Hey†blows into town. Trolled NE in 80FOW from the main gap. Had a drive by in 120 FOW. Stayed 140-180 FOW and had success. Fished solo with 3 riggers. SWR down 50 took 2 had a green and white fly on a MTN Dew hot spot flasher, rigger down 55 took two more on a pro king rotten banana with raspberry ladder-back, and finally an aqua frog fly on a MTN Dew spiny down 100’ took a nice rainbow. Really wanted to stay out and catch more but had my limit and wrapped the net around the kicker prop on the last one. The kicker is fine, however unless your marlin fishing the net is cashed. Oh well things happen, first solo trip of the year and it was nice, listened to some tunes, crushed two cans of diet pepsi and bagged a limit. Will be out again maybe Monday morning as long as the lake settles down.
  12. I used a depth raider. I am fishing Thursday AM and am on vacation next week, I'll PM you my number, let's do some fishing.
  13. Jim: Are you done for the year, havent seen any reports in a while.
  14. People caught fish before echips and black boxes. You want to catch fish put the right lure in the right place at the right time. You dont need to shock the water with volts and amps. However I realize that some of us know everything about anything fishing related, I am calling BS on this one....
  15. Milwaukee 09/24 Fishing close to shore again was good, was out last Thursday and banged a limit and yesterday had the weather cooperated I am confident I would have had another. Same things keep working, all riggers and a little boards. Dipsys have been dead the last few weeks. Water was high 40’s low 50’s down 30’. Hot set up again was rotten banana pro king with both green and raspberry ladder back. Mtn dew flashers with white flies were hot as well. All three year old kings with a greaser in the mix. Took a 12# ho on Thursday. Fished north of the filter in 55-100FOW. At around 10am the weather to the south started looking really nasty so we decided to pull lines. As we were wrapping up getting the lines pulled I noticed a water spout bearing down on us. Needless to say we hauled ass and got the hell out of the dodge. Luckily we and everyone else stayed safe, hopefully there is plenty of cold water Wednesday when I get back out there to pack the freezer for winter. The following are some pics of the water spouts. As we were heading in there were four on the ground at once, check out the size of the one on the right….
  16. I hate that the main gap is like a mine field of boats, everyone is trolling, jogging, and blocking the gaps in hopes of landing an oatmeal salmon. The biggest irking was the jerk who yelled some nonsense as we were passing by claiming that we were too close. What I really wanted to do was put down just my downrigger balls and drive past the back of his boat and snag all of his lines. However I wasnt gonna let a jerk get to me. I just waited until I cleared the gap, buried the throttle and waked him a little....
  17. Go deep fish have been out there all year
  18. I think the whole voltage is a myth, no more that the e chip. Cold water and picking the right lure puts fish in the box.
  19. Finally the waves settled down enough to make fishing enjoyable. Ventured out to my honey hole in 180FOW and set gear. Fished everything deep. Flasher / Flies were the hot bite today. Riggers set at 149,105,85 (SWR) braided dipsys at 200 and 205 LOC, 300' copper, and 10 color with a 4oz dive bomb. Copper and riggers did the majority of damage. Had a 2 man limit in about 3 hours of fishing all 3 year old kings with the exception of a really nice coho. To the gentlemen who block the gaps and the boats (charter and non-charter) I hope those nasty zombie fish are worth the risk of getting sunk. I have added torpedos to the boat and I am not talking about the divers....... Jim I was trying to raise you all morning on 68
  20. I washed and waxed the boat instead, plus I mounted my new kicker. This weather just sucks. I refuse to fish the harbor so I am land locked until Sunday with a small possibilty of fishing Saturday. I hate you mother nature.
  21. Fishing deep has been the ticket all year for me, the gas bill sucks but if your fishing dead water then I figure that's more of a waste of gas. Thanks for the report heading out in a few hours to try my luck....
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