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  1. Set up in 90 FOW didn't get any sign of life to 124 FOW, in 178 FOW I had a quad, what a firedrill... Dipsys were the hot thing today, yes you read that correctly... Orange dodgers and pink cut plugs did the damage. I tell you fishing in a glass boat in 2-3 whitecaps is a lot more comfortable and dry than the my 16.5 Lund. Had a two man limit in about 2.5 hours of fishing going 11 for 17 with a little scrappy coho sent back to grow a little bit..... 8. Coho and 2 Kings..... What a nice way to start June...
  2. There you go, good job finding the fish. You gotta live fast and furious days like that. Hopefully that's a sign of things to come...
  3. I wish I could take credit for the full conversion, the previous owner did a helluva job with her.
  4. The Salmon Assassin is a 1988 24' Sea Ray Sorrento which was converted from a pleasure craft to a fishing vessel. The boat is powered by a 5.7L Mercruiser Alpha One and trolled by a 1984 Honda 9.9HP. There is an Alantic Tower which was customized to fit the boat, New to the boat this year is a completely redone cabin, all the wood on the boat was sanded, stained, and varnished. The old downrigger platform used to run across the back, this year I had it cut and had custome mounts made in order to keep the back wide open.... I fish four electric big jon captains pack downriggers, Berts ratching rod holders for dipsys, Perko holders on the tower for boards... I find the fish with LCX27c and Depth Raider..... I upgraded this year to almost all Okuma Connvectors (huge difference over the Magdas)......... Anyone from the Milwaukee area every needs a fishing partner, please let me know... I fish mainly weekdays... My next projects for the boat in the next year or so include: 1. Adding an Sportpilot X5 2. Adding Radar 3. Converting the lounge seats to captains chairs Most importantly, just enjoying the boat and getting out there to kill fish and relax....
  5. The seas are far from calm today.... hopefully she lays down by the weekend so we all can get out. Nice fish, what did the king strike at?
  6. The pack wasn't that great a place to be.... I left the pack and went toward the filter and hit 3 fish in 15 minutes (2-3). Wanted to go back through, however mutiny on the boat and everyone wanted to go home. Not sure what you have been running but 2 color and 3 color boards are ON FIRE. Run orange dodgers with green and gold peanuts flys. Braided dipsys 37 LOC did pretty good as well, but I'd run boards over that anyday.....
  7. Basically a broken record report.... 7-11 all coho, best fishing was found in 30-40 FOW. Fished seemed stacked up outside the gaps and breakwall. 00 orange dodgers and green and gold homemade peanuts stole the show. Pink cut plug took one. 2,3, and braided dipsy were working. Boat traffic outside the gaps was disgusting. People just don't pay attention or care... I had a board ran over by a yahoo, I am working very hard these days not to get angry over little things and it was an honest mistake. I slid out to deep water and didn't do terrible. Deeper being 50 FOW.... Guess out in 70-90 FOW guess were making quick work....
  8. It was nice to just get out and fish. Didn't go out far just fished 30-35 FOW.... Best advice is not to experiment, the fish are everywhere shallow and they want green peanut flys and oo orange dodgers. Spoons were terrible performers today, flys killed fish!
  9. Went 11-17 in about 2.5 hours of fishing... Set first line at 6:25 am, boxed first fish at 6:42 am.... Boxed the last at 9:25am Orange Thin Fin on mono board took 3 Agent Orange on a rigger took a greaser The rest came on OO Orange Dodgers and green peanut flys... 3 color, 2 color, and braided dipsy 37 LOC were the hard workers. Riggers were nothing to write home about Fished 30-35 FOW
  10. Your question is like asking a parent to pick their favorite child...... The mandatory moonshines are..... 1. Blue Flounder Pounder 2. Bloody Nose 3. Dancing Anchonvy 4. JJ Mac Muffin 5. Happy Meal.... down the chute 225-275' of copper is FATAL! * standard size agent orange has reduced the coho so far this year *
  11. The EZ steer would be an option for linking the kicker to main motor for steering purposes. You can buy a box off the shelf or you can customize it and get it right the first time. Measure your kicker to the main and call MarineTech and speak with the EZ steer people. I had to deal with them this week and I received really decent service from the guy I dealt with.... just a thought.
  12. hearing some good things from racine right now but with this weather system arriving who knows.... what luck the boat is going to be water ready on friday and sure enough the weather takes a dump....
  13. I am also a mke guy, we multiplying on the site, nice..... Don't worry about lake link, I wouldn't wipe my arse with that site. I launch the boat next Friday, so I really don't have good advice other than fish south for now and keep changing lures till you find what they want.
  14. I dont know if this sounds snotty or not, but I think lakelink is more of a bragging board than anything else. This is my first season on this board, and so far I have been impressed with the amount of people who help out. This is going to be my third year tackling the pond. The only hang up fishing in Racine is that my boat is kept in Dry Stack at skipper buds and with gas prices running two testicles a gallon I dont know how many times I can make that trek, but if I am willing to power east 14 miles for deep water, going 14 miles south isnt unrealistic.
  15. One area where I know I need to develop in is picking my spots. The draw back in Milwaukee is the people here wouldnt help you if you were drowning so getting some intel on fishing is a pipe dream. The end of last season I was fishing deep water 275 FOW+ and had good results. I started deep water and getting good catches starting in Mid August, before then however it was a crap shoot. Do I pick up where I left off, start deep and work from there? The thing I am lacking is experience on the water, so I am curious when you guys go to spots what are you basing your decisions on. For example, I always come out the north gap and head north to the "towers" and kick off from there. So there would be my general start point. I never had any real luck south or by the "green can". What should I be focusing on from there. Should I be exclusively hunting changing water temps, should I focus on the lake structure (humps, dishcarges, intakes, wrecks,etc). Just drive around and try to find bait. I havent seen a good scum line since 2009 when we had such a strong west blow that never seemed to end (not complaining). What should I be looking for as far as conditions, where I stopped dead in my tracks and say "whoa, this is where I need to set up and begin" I am kicking myself for not keeping a log last year. This year I plan on getting a SD card for the Lowarance, and downloading my fishing patterns on a regular basic to my computer in addition to keeping a journal on the boat. Again, your feedback is very much appreciated.
  16. I want to convert my boat over to hyrdo steering from power and add an autopilot? Estimates?
  17. Congrats on the new addition. Nice looking pup.
  18. I am by no means a captain of anything but.... If you don't already you should check out the lake Michigan sea grant charts of the Internet. Awesome tool for checking water temps and giving you an idea where to start fishing. Just my two cents though. Do the chips show shipwrecks?
  19. You could try a pulling a cut plug behind one but I think a fly is ideal.
  20. I have to finishing staining and then varnish all the wood in the cabin, new impeller, grease the u joints, and on April 15th after stopping home to wash, buff, wash, and wax she goes into dry stack at Skipper Buds and the 2011 season begins....
  21. I am curious when I add my kicker to my 24' sea Ray will a tiller auto pilot be able to steer it or should I stick with my original plan to get a remote troll. Anyone use or know someone who does this? Thanks in advance gents.
  22. A bunch of boats out today, the river launch is open. If you wanted to jig in the harbor, over by the Jones Island you will see to clearly discolored panels of the metal sea wall, just south of the river mouth, very important spot! That is where the warm water discharges, holds a lot of fish when they are in the harbor.... Just use your sonar to find the discharges and get your line in there. Spawn worked the best for me whenever I tried it. These days I stay outside the breakwall, avoid congestion, and increase your chances of getting some nice fish versus the dirty river browns..... If you want a really good time, wait until the river is all the way open and fish by the 13th Street bridge, you can access if from canal.. Last year I went with a buddy and the northerns were hitting almost every cast!
  23. Walkers only for me... I like not having to futz with an "O" ring. The dipsys seem very cheaply made. I still use the J Plugs, however I have been EXTREMELY disappointed with the life I got out of my lighted ones.... This year I am switching over to moonshne plugs but the chrome lighted, wonderbread, and grinch j plugs will be kept around.
  24. Adam Robakowski 29 Years Old Milwaukee, WI Fish any water between Milwaukee and Port Washington Fishing the pond since 2007 24' Sea Ray, upgraded from a pleasure boat to a salmon fishing machine, this is my first year with it though, all other years have been a Lund 16.5' Boat Name: One Adam 12 I am from Milwaukee, always lived in the city and will until 2032 when I retire and move to a secluded cabin in the woods in northern WI. I love fishing deep water, and I normally start early early in the morning, hate slide divers, and I am looking to expand my board set ups this year. I'm married no kids 2 dogs..... Wife doesnt like fishing so most mornings it's just me, my thoughts, and some backwoods cigars (quit cigarettes so I need something). I also like any fishing forum other than lake-link.....
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