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  1. Went out of muskegon today got out with my stepdad my sister and a friend. It was really slow going 2/2 are first fish was on a fat Nancy on a wire diver 160 back (king) and the other one was on a 5 color with a uv jagar bomb(steelhead) both came in about 130' of water just south of the pierheads. Other then that nice mourning to be on the water, other than that the flies were terrible
  2. I like to use fish on bait and tackle that are all helpful guys there.
  3. There is a guy in Marne he is very reasonable for pricing the name of it is tlc marine.
  4. Cannon mag 10's I have had no problems with yet own them for 5 years and bought them used
  5. Be care going out of the municipal last year it was really shallow
  6. I have cannon downriggers they are nice because of there speed and the auto stop.
  7. I think fish on bait and tackle has thaws there website is fish on shop.com
  8. thanks for all the help i will probably go with the burts then Tim Salmon Hunter
  9. does anyone use the burt track? Thinking about useing it on my boat. thanks for the help. Tim salmon hunter
  10. I have an inline 6 mercuiser i had the say problem with mine i put an electronic ignition on never had a problem after that
  11. I have aset of the stinger bird trees they are very nice.
  12. i will see you there, but things are good my wife is pregnant. This will be my first kid. The last year grand haven tournament we won the 24 ft and under class. thats the first for me. So how are things with you? salmon hunter

  13. Hey hows it going? I bought a grease trap from you last year, do you know how long of a lead you use when you run spin and glows behind them?



    salmon hunter

  14. when you put them inthe middle of your core do you worry about it braking the core?
  15. hey whats going on you been fishing

  16. hey what happenedto the chat yesterday

  17. hey you been out fishing yet

  18. I was working Grand Haven this mourning it was really calm so around 1:00 pm went and got my boat. Gotback out and it was really foggy. Ran out to about 70 fow north of the pier set lines and got are first hit about 75fow a really nice 16lb -king on a bloody nose j-plug. Then the wind picked up sowe turned and headed back. 1 for1
  19. Hey thanks for the website. I was wondering what speed you ran the grease traps at. Also is there a certain time of year you run them or is it something you can run all the time. Can you run a meat rig all the time. Do you run a meat rig with a flasher or with the fish looking flashers? Thank for all your help!

  20. whats goin on man. yesterday you said you had video on some fishing stuff. do you have a web site or a way to get a catalog?

  21. I would be very interested in it. I have wanting to learn how to use the meat rigs if you have any tips on that.
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