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  1. I have not idea what they are called they come with some of the other lures that I got.

  2. That is pretty close i live right downtown

  3. Hello salmon wagon thank for your help on the meat rigs. I am from coopersville too were abouts in are you from.

  4. Thank for all the help. Also can you run them on both diver and downrigger? Do you also load up with them like eyefull?
  5. I was thinking about trying meat rigs this year. I have 2 of the rigs already I just dont know here to start. Do I run them on the bottom more or just like a regular like I would a flasher/fly combo?
  6. PS is that port sheldon? When you are talking about the sand bar were is that is that inside the pier heads or south of them i havent heard about the sand bar is? thank you for your help.
  7. I have the depth raider on my boat with the cannons though with auto stop and i just put it on my rigger without monkeying around with anything and not a problem yet:thumb:
  8. Just wondering if anyone has had any luck in Grand Haven or Muskegan area these places are the closes to my house and i want to go try but i dont know were to start or what to run please help?
  9. do you have to troll that fast to catch coho or is that a speed to just run the lures that you were running. Please help.
  10. I was just wondering if anyone has made it out fish in Grand Haven and could let me know how they did. Or ever if they had any luck near muskegan if you can please help?
  11. I havent been out in a long time please help in were to go to find the fish. I will be going out of grand haven please help guys.
  12. thank you for all your help this is some awesome information.
  13. thanks for all the help. on your leaders what length do you run between the paddle and the meat?
  14. thank you what would your speeds be for those are they still around 2.0 to 2.5?
  15. Hey i am tring to start to run meat rigs can someone help with how fast do i run, how long do my leads have to be. Please help
  16. hi im going out of grand haven in the morning can you give me any pointers were to start at. thanks

  17. do you know what the easiest way to find the thermalcline

  18. what is the easiest way to find the thermalcline

  19. how do i write posts?

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