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  1. That engine will put out plenty of power for that .You may want to think of putting a kicker engine like a 9.9 high thrust which also will power that stuff up instead of trolling with that big of an engine .Just some thing to think about.
  2. I 2nd the walker diver black in color thats all i run ... color of dipsy ???? i am sure some days may matter .I will stick with what works for me .:thumb:
  3. wow would like some input on that tread ?????
  4. another vote for great lakes planer ::thumb:
  5. with 4 to 5 0z bomb 350 copper 32 or 45 what would be the guess on the depth .
  6. Get an autopilot with out any rudder feed back or ref point . thats all the problems with any pilot in my book thats the reason i went with raymarine could not swing for a furuno .if i had the coin go furuno i have the 585 unit and 582 never a issue they make great stuff.....
  7. another vote for raymarine x 10 with st 70 love it ran all last season no problem can not even here it run .
  8. scotty get my vote 15 lbs weights all day long not an issue 3 seasons now
  9. I have had my yeti for 5 years now .It is the best built cooler i have ever scene buy it and it will last a life time .You could drag the cooler behind a pickup and will not hurt it you get what you pay for broken latch lid and do not hold ice like a yeti nothing even comes close....
  10. good choice flyboy have had them for 4 years now
  11. the st 70 all done just alot of wire pump to computer power clutch sea talk back bone wires 4 ts 3 spurs and a power wire for sea talk just a lot to figure out they supply you with very little had to buy alot more stuff .... doing the auto learn this weekend for the big splash killing the browns eastern lake o 5 days tick tock....
  12. its a lot more than meets the eye the hoses are the easy part .its all the wire to run from pump to computer power to computer power to clutch power to seatalk to autopilot and new e 90 gps with radar it has a finder to and wire it up to seatalk its a lot more than u think get ready to read alot e 90 is 2 books auto has 5 books .have 2 days in it not done about 4 more hours so think about your time how much are you saving....
  13. I have a garmin 2006 color gps has cover/ mount/antenna/blue chip chart for lake ontario powered up this past weekend have all books with it donot have transducer but it is a combo unit 450.00 plus shipping paid 1100.00 plus 150.00 for chip will also be open to offers that are resonable thanks for any info on it call me Ed 973-703-5911 .
  14. :thumb:Iguess i am the outcast. scottys telo booms no cable on side rigger power pro 15 pound sharks no blow back no power going down and they flatt out fly up .coated cable on chute rigger wih 20 lb sharks..
  15. another vote for 3 to 5 feet will do you fine bud:thumb:
  16. thank you for info t:thumb::thumb:hats what makes this site good people wit good info:thumb:
  17. does anybody on here have site for the e chip flashers onn page 1 thanks guys....
  18. my scottys look like lawn mowers but hell of a rigger i run 15lbs sharks on 250 power pro no hum in cable center rigger gets a 20 lbs shark onn coated cable for probe no power going down and they are very fast.
  19. 2 more pics in my album check them out
  20. there is 1 pic on profile have more on weekend nailer
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