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  1. All I can find are discontinued models.
  2. I'll go first, I'm not gonna get it anyway I want a used 22 footer with a hardtop, 3 electric riggers, outboard, and in perfect shape. CHEAP Hey, if you're gonna wish, might as well make it good. Bikini clad Blondes for crew are an option.
  3. I hope you didn't try this yet. I forgot to add a half cup of soy sauce in the zip lok with the italian seasoning and cider.
  4. Well Caz, I tried the first batch and think they were in a little too long. They came out like jawbreakers. Tasted good, but too chewy. The second batch I did a little different. I parboiled them in water, onion, parsley, celery seed, & just a pinch of oregano. Cover them with the water just enough to almost cover them. Boil for 20 min., then remove from water and allow to cool. Put them in a large bowl or zip bags and cover with a 1/2 & 1/2 mixture of Kraft zesty italian seasoning and apple cider. Allow to marinate overnight. Preheat smoker and get it smokin good. I used hard maple. Smoke for about 1 1/2 hrs to 2 hrs. Keep checking them with a fork about every 20 min. after the first hour so they don't get overdone. Let me know how they are. PS: I used the hearts too. They'll get done a little sooner. Oh yeah, when you check them just brush on some more of the mixture to keep them moist.
  5. Ha! Looks like he's really puttin all his heart & soul into that one. Great pic.
  6. How bout "Somethin's Fishy"?
  7. Pick out a name for it, but definately put the vinyl logo on the sides towards the rear quarter.
  8. This was my first time combat fishing in Oswego Harbor last month. I went out twice and will never do that again. I kept my 2 riggers 10-20 ft. behind the boat & couldn't believe how many guys were running long leads. It was a real zoo with guys trolling across the flow of traffic, cutting you off, pushing others toward the breakwalls, and not giving an owl's hoot about others. There's plenty of room to fish if everyone would circle the harbor like normal people. Gimme the wide open spaces any day. I love lake fishing.
  9. When you post what you like about the type & model of finder you're using, I'd also like to know the price range of the unit. I'd like to upgrade this Spring but can't afford one of those $1500-$2000. units. Thanks.
  10. I'm workin on it. I smoked 12 chicken legs & thighs this weekend but didn't have any gizzards to throw in with it. The legs & thighs were the best chicken I ever had. It was the first time trying it. I can't wait to do another batch. I'll use the same process as the legs & thighs for the gizzards. Yum!
  11. muskybob


    I'm envious. Nice ride & good luck with it.
  12. muskybob


    That is a sweet looking ride, BUT don't be fooled by looks. If you're serious, have it surveyed, you won't regret it.
  13. Thanks for the tip Dv8or but there's usually only two of us on my boat. One to drive and one to set up rods & riggers. Usually when I set my dipseys I start them then set the drag w/clicker on real loose & run them out so I can set the other stuff up.
  14. Thanks, I'll keep lookin. Tryin to set up one of my rods for wire.
  15. Somebody please have a cold one for me. Too far to make it, but I would if I could. Enjoy!!!
  16. Ditto what Longline said. This is a great site and shows the hard work you've put into it. Coupled with the great bunch of folks that post here, makes this site one of my favorites. Thanks!!!
  17. After a day like that, I've got nowhere's to go but up. I ain't done yet. I've still got the Fall LOC to go yet. Look out salmon, here I come!!! :Chernobyl:
  18. I should have stayed in bed. After not being on the pond for over 3 weeks, I was anticipating lunker activity for when I could get out. I called my cousin ##### and he agreed to meet me at 3:30AM for our 1 1/2 hour ride to Oswego. I checked the weather report on Friday evening & it called for a chance of thunderstorms starting around 11AM. What the heck, we'd have enough in the boat by then, why not. It started after I got up and started out the door. One thing after another delayed me (forgot my coffee thermos) and I ended up meeting ##### 10 minutes late. Not too bad, we ended up at the launch around 5:30AM. We could see about 20 boats off in the distance already trolling. Anxiously, we launched the boat & ##### pulled the truck up into the parking area. He came back to the dock & found me standing in 1/2 inch of water in the back of the boat and rising. "Go back and get the truck" I said, I think you put the plug in the wrong hole. Luckily there were a couple of guys on the dock who gave me a hand getting the boat back onto the trailer. We pulled the boat & checked & found my battery hold down had snapped and the battery fell into the bilge area and onto the live well hose, breaking the pvc plug that goes out the back of the boat causing the water to pour in. "No problem" one of the locals said. There's an Ace hardware store just up the road that opens real early and will have what you need. A clap of thunder and lightning interupted our conversation. Boats were scurrying into the harbor and it started pouring. We trailered the boat up the road, found the store and waited for it to open. 6:45 the store finally opened. We looked around the plumbing section, couldn't find a piece that would fit, and ended up buying an adjustable bung that could plug the hole till I could get to the Starcraft dealer back home. Got back to Wright's landing and waited for the lightning to stop and rain to let up so we could set up the bimini enclosure. Around 8:30 we finally got on the water & headed for productive water. Yeah, right! Marked a few bait schools around 135' but no hooks. Ate sandwiches, doughnuts, and drank coffee in between cleaning the fleas off the line every half hour, zig zagging out to 200' and back to 100'. ##### came back under the bimini after checking lines and sat down in the passenger seat and sent him tumbling to the floor. The seat mount broke. Moved the seat to the rear pedestal mount and continued to fish. Ended up in front of the bluffs of Fair Haven SP in 75 fow and ##### landed a small brown, the only fish of the day. On another turn of mine to check fleas, I pulled in the port rigger and grabbed the line release. The release came apart in my hand and parts fell into the water, drifting down into Davy Jones's locker to probably end up in his junk drawer like mine at home. Wind was kicking up and we started pulling lines. The starboard dipsy came in with just the dodger, no fly. Something had hit it and it was gone. We ended up heading back to the launch around 2PM. Got back to the dock area and were organizing the tackle and cleaning up the doughnut bags, sandwich bags and coffee cups and ##### went up front to get the deck line. He stepped on the front battery compartment door and broke thru. Loaded the boat and got home around 5:15PM. I gotta say even though it was a haphazard day we had some good laughs and I'm looking forward to getting out again, after I do some major refitting.
  19. Hey Sluggo, welcome aboard. It seems we visit the same forums.
  20. Basic black. They go with any color lure.
  21. My girlfriend gave me a 24-rod display rack, 3 spoons I've been wanting, and a center colsole caddy for my truck. I love that girl.
  22. My old training came through, I saw the opening and had to take the shot.
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