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  1. I saw the opening and had to take the shot.
  2. Every bit as nice as last year's picture. She's lookin good Frank.
  3. Here's a little reading. Easier than trying to explain it: http://www.nmea.org/about/index.html
  4. That's great Frank, I hope you have good weather. For Browns, we targeted 10-15 fow & only got 4 out of 8 hits. The guys that did a lot better were in 6-8 fow with 180-200' of line out, but they said they had a lot of hang-ups. Be prepared to lose stuff if you go that shallow. Good luck on the water this year Frank. The secret weapon: :SisterSledge:
  5. Thanks Reel Screamer, it was so good to be out on the water again. I didn't care if I caught any fish, I was just glad to enjoy the outdoors with a good friend. It doesn't get much better than this.
  6. First trip of the season to work the bugs out of the boat and the kinks out of the bones. Dennis Smith my buddy got 3 browns and I only got 1. We ended the day 4 for 8. Trolled the shallows with stickbaits and couldn't get much to fire so we switched to spoons in 12-15 fow. Action for us was pretty slow but we spoke to guys at the dock who said they hammered them. We must have been in the wrong place at the right time to get our 4. We did have some others on, but murphy's law prevailed. I missed the first one of the day. I think it was a steelhead cause it jumped & I didn't see it due to reaching back to steer the boat off the breakwall & my buddy was watching me trying to hold the pole and steer the boat. We did hear the splash & saw where it jumped and saw the splash rings. It was 6 ft. from the boat when it rolled and the hook came out. It was at least 1/4 length larger than the Brown I'm holding. All in all it was great to get out on the water. Spring has sprung.
  7. My sister has a small business & has a custom embroidery shop with the computerized sewing machine to do any kind of graphics or lettering on hats, shirts, jackets, etc. She is from Floyd, NY and can be reached at [email protected](dot)com. I put the (dot) in the addy to prevent spam bots. Just send her an email on what you want and she can give you a price.
  8. Oh man, I almost wet myself. That's a beauty Frank. One of these days, maybe. I'd love to see some inside pics when you get time.
  9. I screwed up, they're 10 pounders not 8's. No problem, been running them for years. I just got used to them. What do you run from the snap to the ball, a short piece of power pro or similar?
  10. I was wondering how far above the weight you guys are attaching the release. I run 8lb balls and use DuBro releases attached right on top of the ball. Anyone attach them higher with a lead?
  11. Great job Dv8oR, thanks for the Humminbird link.
  12. Dang, I like that boat!!! I go out in my garage and look at my 16 footer and wonder when it's gonna grow up. Looks like i"m gonna have to feed it more greenbacks.
  13. Beautiful rig Bill, wish you many fishes this year.
  14. muskybob


    Nice lookin ride Tim. Looks like a fish catchin machine. Good luck on the water this year.
  15. The upgraded site can now be accessed by www.lakeontariounited.com Your old bookmark won't work. Please remove this post if it is inappropriate. I didn't know if I should post the link or not. Thanks
  16. Great, you're right on the ball.
  17. Someone is going around hacking into salmon fishing sites the last two days. GLA and LOU have been hacked into. Just a word of note to back up your data base just in case. Bob
  18. My friends started calling me muskybob because I used to fish primarily for Tiger Musky & I'd take a friend fishing with me whenever I went. We caught over 270 of them in 3 seasons. My boat's just a little 16 footer and is named Li'l Chet after my departed Mom & Dad. (Lillie & Chester) Wish I had one more day with them. We always fished together.
  19. And a lucky man you are to have it. It's my dream too.
  20. If I'm ever in MI with the babes I'll make it a point to look you up. Hey, I believe in sharing. Any chance of THAT happening is about as good as me getting a 22 footer for Christmas.
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