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  1. Just go by the numbers & you can't go wrong Frank. You'll surprise everyone including yourself how easy it is. No problem.
  2. I forgot to add in the instructions: add Parmesan cheese along with the milk.
  3. Keep this recipe a secret Frank. They'll be clamoring at your door trying to get it.
  4. Adirondack Salmon Chowder From the Adirondack Series by Musky Bob If this doesn’t make your mouth water in anticipation on those cool Fall or Winter days nothing will. · ½ stick butter · ¼ cup flour · ½ cup chopped onion · 6 slices bacon, diced · ½ cup diced celery · 1½ teaspoons garlic powder not garlic salt · 1 teaspoon old bay seasoning · 1 ½ cup diced potatoes · ½ bag baby carrots, cut bite size · 1 cup chicken broth · 1 cup grated parmesan cheese · 1 teaspoon salt · 1 teaspoon ground black pepper · 1 teaspoon parsley · 2 bay leaves · ½ teaspoon dried dill weed · 2 6†salmon fillets, cubed 1†· 1 qt. milk · 1 (15 ounce) can creamed corn · 1 teaspoon cornstarch · 1 12 oz. pkg. Cream cheese 1. Sauté bacon, then add butter, onion, broth, celery, and garlic powder & cook until onions, carrots, and celery are tender. Stir in potatoes, old bay seasoning, parsley, bay leaves, salt, pepper, and dill. 2. Bring to a boil, and reduce heat. Cover, and simmer 20 minutes or until potatoes are tender. 3. Stir in salmon, add parmesan cheese along with milk, creamed corn, flour, cornstarch, and cream cheese. Cook on medium, stirring frequently until heated through and cream cheese is melted. 4. Serve steaming hot with oyster crackers. Please let me know how you like it. Thanks
  5. Thanks silverone. Actually it happens quite a bit out of Oswego. Guys are more than willing to share info both on and off the water. It's great to see sportsmen like that. There's more fish in these lakes than we would ever fish out if everyone would just keep to their limits and/or practice catch & release. Some days I keep them & other days I release them. It's all part of the game.
  6. Not if you drink from the bowl after the fish is done smoking.
  7. Picked up everyone at 3AM & on the water by 5AM with my nephew and 2 great-nephews for their first trip to Lake O. A lot of chatter on the radio of guys saying they were nailing the kings & many had a box full, but were not giving out any info. Trolled 120-250 fow with no results & blank screen. Talked to Ray K. around 9AM who was out of Catfish Creek who said they were banging the Coho on spinnies & at what depth, so we headed in that direction. After about 2 hrs & almost in front of the nuke plant we were unable to spot Ray we heard a fella on the radio who gave a complete report on what they were catching the kings on (blue spinnies/blue fly) 525 fow, 375 back on dipsies, 119 down on riggers. He said he had a box full and wanted to share the info. I didn't catch his name, but he was a great sportsman to share that on the radio. We headed out to 550 & set up again & the dipsies were no more than set out & my nephew nailed a nice king about 20 lbs. It was his first king on the big water so I pulled lines and let him play it out and took a while to bring it in. We spun the boat around and went thru the same waypoint & FISH ON again. My great-nephew was handed the rod & BANG a second rod goes off, DOUBLES. I handed the rod off to my other great-nephew. What a Chinese fire drill that was. 2 kids who had never caught fish that big. We landed a Coho on the first rig and settled down for the second. After much grunting and groaning we finally landed the 2nd fish, a nice 24 lb king. That took about a half hour to bring the fish in & I had a ball watching them. I had a smile ear to ear and they were as proud as peacocks. We spun the boat around again and I landed a nice teenager going through the same area. The boys were getting tired and also wanted to get back home to show my niece their catch so we headed back home for the 1 1/2 hour drive. When they got back home you couldn't shut them up they were so excited. We had a great day on the water that I'll remember for a long time and the kids will never forget.
  8. Thanks everyone, I'm all set with the rodholders now. One more item to get but it's gonna have to wait till Spring. Bimini top w/sides & backdrop. I shoulda been born rich instead of a fisherman.
  9. muskybob


    BHAHAHAHA, Good one.
  10. Congratulations Frank! Best of luck to you & enjoy your new duties.
  11. No, one of the other guys brought up his 22' Sylvan which is pretty much like an Islander. It was an older boat, but it handled the waves nice, everything worked great and was nice to fish out of with the high sides in the big waves we had. He has it set up nice with 3 Cannon electrics, 2 with extended booms and one short arm, and one Big Jon downrigger. We used the short arm for the down temp and speed unit. I learned a lot from the 2 guys I fished with and can't wait to try out what I learned when I get my rig up to Oswego the next time.
  12. Thanks guys. At Saturday's weigh in we were in 3rd place temporarily. At today's final weigh in, we ended up in 6th place for the final. Today's fishing was real hard with 5-6 foot waves, one of our team got seasick and couldn't fish or help net, or anything. We all had a blast for our first Pro/Am tourney and I'm looking forward to next year already.
  13. Thanks Frank, I'll try it after this weekend. I'm in my first ProAm & am I psyched. Whew.
  14. ttt Inside and Outside Please?
  15. Good post Caz. A little reading on PM never hurt anyone. Nice to see on the boards.
  16. That sure is a beauty. Good Fishin!
  17. Heh heh, you're the 2nd one that caught that. My buddy just popped the release to clear the line of fleas when I was ready to take the picture. I made him put the rod back in the holder till I was done taking the picture. Good eye.
  18. Thanks Joe. My buddy made it out of some scraps he had laying around. The board is pine, and the box is cherry. Both are covered top & bottom with marine spar varnish. I'm curious to see how it holds up to being outside all the time in the weather.
  19. I bought a lottery ticket tonight so by tomorrow I'll be a bazillionaire.
  20. Thanks Frank. Yes, there is a swim platform on her. When I mounted the rigger board and rodholders I made sure I was still able to access the cooler and net fish off the back if I had to. That's why I mounted the board 4 inches high. The lurebox really works out nice too. Before I start out, I put my favorites lures, flies, flashers, etc. in there so I don't have to fumble around when I want to change over. From the pics you've been sending, it looks like you're really banging the walleye. Lookin good. They're my favorite eating fish. I'm going for them this weekend with a buddy that helped me set up my boat. I made up some worm harnesses this past winter for the first time and they really worked great in the Spring. I'm in my first Pro/Am salmon tourney next weekend out of Sodus Bay on Lake Ontario. I'm excited to see how we do. Let me know if you decide to fish Lake O sometime. It's a great fishery.
  21. Finally got the rigger board w/lure box my buddy made, and 6 rodholders mounted. All I have left to do is mount a net holder and I think I'll be done for a while. I mounted my 2 manual Cannons, 2 rodholders on the rigger board and 2 on each gunnel. There are 5 rod stations in front of the doghouse you can't see, but I've got my wire rod standing in the middle one. Took her up to Oswego yesterday to try out the rigger setup and it worked just fine. Unfortunately the fish weren't cooperating but it was a good day on the water anyway.
  22. Good for you Mark. Have fun & enjoy.
  23. Can you download to your puter, then upgrade to your fishfinder?
  24. Great pics. That little guy looks so happy to be out fishing.
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