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  1. Great job fishing and thanks for the great report out of Muskegon. Now, that's the way to write a report! I was not in the tournament but went 2 for 2 on Saturday, picking up a couple of steelies in 86 and 124 fow. Planning on taking a buddy out tonight. Hope to find a couple of hungry fish.
  2. Went out on a solo mission this morning with the plan of staying under 100 fow, working the top 50'. Ended up 2 for 2, picking up a nice 8# steelhead in 92 fow on an NBK which was a free slider on a rigger parked at 50' down. Also picked up a 6# king in 95 fow on a white flasher & blue/green fly off a dipsy 100' back. Beautiful morning. Radio chatter seemed to indicate it is still slow, so I was pretty happy with 2.
  3. Went on a solo mission last night and decided to run out deep as the lake was flat. Set up in 180 fow. Had a release in 224 fow on a blue thunder spoon, 125' down on the rigger. Felt him for a second, but then gone. Swung around and headed east for the dusk bite. Had a big rip on a dipsy in 124 fow with a SD and Green Bay Packer fly (green/gold) 200' back. Fought him for a few minutes and he was peeling line, and then, POOF!, line went slack...gone. Line was cut above the swivel and I lost the whole setup. I think the fish may have been tangled up in the setup and probably nicked the line with his teeth and cut it off. But managed to boat a nice, healthy 12# King in 108 fow, on a Shelly Snack glow spoon, 50' down on the rigger at dusk. So, 1 for 3. Not many boats straight out where I was. Radio chatter sounded like most were slow, although a few fish were being caught here and there.
  4. I've launched my 19'-er there several times this spring with no issues at all. A buddy of mine did launch his 28'-er there a few weeks ago to take it to his slip, and he did have a bit of a time getting it off his trailer. Once off though, there were no issues with the depth right there.
  5. Took a friend out with me yesterday morning for the initial fishing trip on my “new†boat and only went 1 for 3. Only boated a small coho (3-4 lbs)that hit a green dolphin on a dipsy 175’ back in 150 fow. Had a big hit on that same setup but when my friend grabbed the rod and started to fight the fish the rod snapped in half and the fish was lost. A 3 day old rod/reel combo from Cabela’s. Then had a release on a blue dolphin off the downrigger in around 125 fow, but nobody home. Flat, calm day. Sometimes those kind of days are great for boating, but not so great for fishing. Seemed slow for most boats out yesterday morning.
  6. Hey crazy, You might want to call ahead to a local bait shop as Muskegon Lake doesn't have good ice, at least in the usual walleye "hot spots". Check out this link to the weekly local fishing report and you'll see what I mean. http://www.mlive.com/news/muskegon/index.ssf/2013/02/fishing_report_muskegon-area_a.html#incart_river_default I've heard they are getting some perch at the west end of the lake by the sand docks, but you may have to stay all day to get 20-30 keepers. I guess the ice is better in that part of the lake. Good luck.
  7. I was only 5 back in 1964 when Lake Michigan had its lowest level ever. Now they are saying we are going to break that low level later this year. Had to pull my boat out of the small marina I keep it at this past Sunday with 3 weeks still to go on the marina season, because the water was so low there. If I waited 3 more weeks, I think I'd be sitting in mud. Took it over to Snug Harbor on Muskegon Lake to pull it out and that's pretty shallow, too. All the sun predicted this week is great, but that will probably evaporate some more water out of the lake. We really need to get a ton of snow this winter and get that lake level back up. Or a really wet fall. Has anyone ever seen Muskegon Lake so low?
  8. Again, thanks, for a worthwhile post, and, no, I don't think you are picking on me. I do not expect others to change course if I have a fish on, even though I have changed course many times for others while they have had fish on. Some that replied to this post have referred to this as the "combat zone", and, yes, while it is not as wide open as the big lake, Muskegon Lake sand docks is not as confined as Muskegon channel or even between the Muskegon pier head arms. So, not sure I would call this pure combat fishing, but it could approach it. You have all given me a lot of food for thought. Thanks again.
  9. Dan the Builder, Yes, thanks for the link to the "riders" page. I do like the challenge of solo fishing. Quite often, I may decide at the last minute to go, and only stay out for a short time, say under 2 hours or so. I live 1 mile away from the little marina where I slip at, so, if the honey-do list is caught up, I could go at a moment's notice. So, I haven't really considered contacting riders, but I may be doing so in the very near future. Not sure that it would have made a difference on the fish I lost last night, but it could have. One of us could have fought the fish, while the other safely steered us away from other boats.
  10. With the rough water last night on the big lake (and for the next few days), I ended up fishing by the Muskegon Sand Docks last night. Pretty good number of boats around, so I had the drags tightened down a lot more than I usually would. I usually keep the drag very loose. Kept the drag tight, so if I got one on, I would be able to keep it away from the other boats (theoretically!). Managed to get one on off a yellow/red with black spots j-plug, 32' down, in 42' fow. Battled him for a minute, and it felt like a pretty good fish, but, with that tight drag on the reel, he ended up breaking me off. Needless to say, I was pi$$ed, and don't want this to happen again. Any tips for a solo fisherman fishing in close quarters? And, if you find that j-plug, it''s mine!
  11. Ryan, From what I've heard, fish have not really started to run yet into Muskegon Lake. Maybe this blow from the north Friday night into Saturday will change things. There have been some jiggers at the west end of the lake, but I don't know of their success rate. I have not seen hardly any boats at the east end of the lake by the mouth of the river. As far as Fisherman's Landing, I know my buddy launches his 28' pleasure boat there with no trouble. And, it is a city launch. The DNR passport won't work there. Good luck.
  12. And the pic. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/2/1/4/3/300441_4305132864465_448574983_n.jpg
  13. Kind of feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day as right at dusk again last night on the same setup as Tuesday night I landed a salmon. 15# King hit a chrome with a red head J-plug 75' down in 88' of water. Great night on the lake.
  14. Well, NOAA was just a wee bit off with the "waves around 1' " forecast. Stuck my nose out past the Muskegon pier heads and was met with pretty choppy 2-4'-ers at about 6:30. Went back in and trolled in between the arms and the channel for an hour with no hits. Thought the wind died down a little and ventured back out past the pier heads at 7:30 and the waves were about 1-3'-ers. Made my way out to 85fow and pick up a 14# King, 75' down on a chrome w/red head J-plug. Called it a night at 1 for 1.
  15. That's gotta be wrong. Ludington buoy in 55' is 52 degrees @ bottom. But, it's probably going to be a search mission.
  16. Been a busy summer with things other than fishing, but managed to get out for a short 90 minute trip last night and found a couple of fish. Went 2 for 3 from 6:30-8:00pm off of Muskegon. White paddle, mountain dew fly down 85' in 103 fow. 4# coho. NBK on an SWR down 65' in 105 fow. Lost fish. Blueberry muffin free slider with rigger at 72' in 110 fow. 9# King. I reeled that King in with the biggest freakin' lamprey that I have seen attached to it. Sliced it up and used it for chum on the advice from someone on the radio. Those things are pretty creepy looking. A lot of boats deeper than me. Not a whole lot of radio chatter. Seemed a little slow, so I was glad to find a couple of takers.
  17. Matt, Thanks for your Manistee reports. I'm headed over there in about a month and am wondering if there are trap nets in the Manistee waters. Haven't heard a whole lot about that this year, so I'm thinking there are not. Just want to be sure. Thanks.
  18. I was out there, too, last night, but didn't make it out until 6:30 and stayed between 90-110 fow due to the rollers and fishing solo. Went 1 for 3, picking up a 10# King, 75' down on the rigger in 90 fow with a Shelly Snack glow spoon at 9pm. Lost 2 bigger Steelhead earlier in the evening. Had them both hooked up, saw them leap out of the water, fought thme a little and then both times they made a big run and, poof, the line goes slack, and they are gone. I thought when the fish runs, the hook is getting buried in to its jaw. I must be wrong about that...
  19. Good job and thanks for the Muskegon report. I plan to be out tonight. If you set up in 80fow, how far out did you end up going? I presume you saw the nets in 90fow, but maybe you were already NW of them. Thanks.
  20. Great job and thanks for the Muskegon report. Were you straight out, or perhaps north of the net...? Thanks.
  21. Fished Sunday, Monday and last night, going 4 for 4, 2 for 4, and 4 for 6 last night. Fished Sunday and Monday with my son-in-law, and last night solo. Last night, set up in 100 fow north of nets. Headed NW to 160 fow and circled back east picking up a nice mixed bag of fish. 2 Kings, a coho, and a steelhead. Biggest King was 15 lbs. and was a brute. She put up a battle. Best depth was between 130-140. Blueberry muffin spoon, free slider on rigger at 80' down, 5# king Blueberry muffin spoon, free slider on rigger at 80' down, lost fish White paddle, blue/silver fly on dipsy at 180' back on 3, lost fish Blue dolphin spoon, rigger at 80' down, 4# Coho Blue Thunder spoon on SWR, rigger at 75' down, 4# steelhead (that was odd). Blueberry muffin spoon, rigger at 50' down, 15# King Another nice calm night out there. Biting flies weren't too bad. Hotter than heck, though.
  22. Thanks for the Muskegon report. Appreciate it! Hope to get out maybe Sunday morning.
  23. Pretty slow in Muskegon last night but managed to go 2 for 2. 9# King, 100' down on rigger, 170 fow, Michael Jackson spoon (on the 3 year anniv. of his passing) 11# King, 100' down on rigger, 130 fow, Moonshine glow spoon No waves at all made for a pleasant night. Minimal radio chatter as it seemed most boats were slow. Fish seem to be really scattered right now. Wonder what the predicted warm weather will do...
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