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  1. I'd have to double-check, but I think a 15lb Coho qualifies for a master angler award.
  2. Thanks for the info. I'm headed up there Wednesday through Sunday. When you run that "Big white paddle whie fly down 75fow went 5 minutes after it went down", how far behind the ball do you put the paddle? Thanks for the info.
  3. Katrina, Thanks to your posting from Saturday, I fished the same water on Sunday and went 2 for 2. One on a Kervorkian (9 lb. King), the other on NBK( 16 lb. King). The 9 lber hit the Kervorkian 60 down on the rigger in 62 fow. The bigger fish hit the NBK on a slider on that same rigger shortly after the first fish. Thanks for sharing the info. Numberguy
  4. Hopefully today's predicted big north wind will cool off our water and Muskegon fishing will be red hot for the weekend!
  5. I usually end up fishing solo so my bride got me a long handle net for the boat. This net I have for sale was my previous net and it is 5' long and 22" wide at the mouth of the net. It works great for salmon, but it does help if you have a buddy on board to do the netting. $10 will take it. Hopefully someone around Muskegon will want it as I'm not really prepared to offer shipping on it due to its akward size and shape. Call me at 231-578-2752. Thanks. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/2/1/4/3/dscf3603.jpg
  6. Good job on that fish. I fished solo out of Muskegon last night from about 6:30-8:45pm in a 1-2' chop, with an occasional 3 footer thrown in. Worked between 70 and 100fow. Ended up 1 for 1, picking up a 10# King right at dusk in 80fow with a blue dolphin, 65' down on the rigger. Radio seemed to indicate a pretty slow night for most boats.
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