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  1. Fished from 6-11am picked up 2 lake trout 135 fow white paddles blue spinners very slow action 1 15# - 1 20# other boats were slow as well charter captains communicating wih our charter. Lake turn over scattered fish, a few caught in close early, lots of weeds in mud line area.
  2. Where you on the big water side or the channel side, what techniques did you use, day time or night time?
  3. Hay guys, I've tried fishing for Whitefish with small ice fishing spoons with some succes. Could you enlighten me on how to rig for whitefish with egg or waxworm?
  4. 6 am- noon , 4/4 2 kings 12#, 1 coho 6#, 1 steelhead, 7#. 90' range, south troll, all came on green head flounder pounder , kings came 80'down on same rigger, very bumpy ride, drift socks helped.
  5. Sorry, I didn't know there was a problem with the down rigger, they worked fine when on the boat.
  6. 6:30-11am1-1 11#king so troll near Saugatuck BW meat rig uv white behind white paddel. Wire mag dipsey set at 1, 120 back Womens steelhead tournament, half the boats had 5 fish or more about 50 boats entered, some boats had no fish, biggest king 17.74#
  7. I'm located between Eagle and Portland MI, I would like to get at least $450, you pick up any time after 3pm.cash only.
  8. Fished am , targeted kings, meat rigs, j plugs, and a couple of spoones. 3 for 6 , 1-18#king on mixed vegI , 100' copper, 1-20# king on meat rig dipsey, 135 back set on 1 . 1 lake trout. Tin can on bottom white paddle meat rig, 3 other hits but misses
  9. Set up for kings for most of the morning, mostly meat rigs, June plugs and a couple of spoons. Fished south troll 90'fow. Picked up 2 kings 1 18# 1 20# 1 lake trout on bottom. 1st king came on mixed veggie spoon 100' copper, second came on meat rig with white paddle on dipsey set on one 135' back, lake trout came on tin can bounced on bottom w/ meat rig, had 3 other hits but did'the hang on. Lake was dead calm, sun was hotttt!
  10. I might be able to ship for around 25 - 30 dollars without the weights, may be willing to ship for the $500. Without weights, shipping the weights would cost about as much as you could buy weights locally for I'm guessing. My only concern is method of payment before shipping.
  11. Let me look into shipping cost, I may not have answer till tomorrow evening, going out of town.
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